What The Power Of Love Is – Understanding It

We cannot understand the power of love until we understand the meaning of love. Now what is love? Love is a word that is being uttered by every human being – sometimes without knowing it’s significance. True love causes the heart to tremble. It makes the tongue incapable of expressing the true nature of the feelings that are deep-rooted in the innermost recesses of the heart. Love is a word that had lived within the fortress of the heart since the creation of Adam and Eve. It has the attributes of tenderness and affection. True love causes the limbs to speak – both verbally and physically.

Love could be categorized into two basic degrees of intensity – true love, which is the most intense, and springs forth from the fortress of the heart, and fake love, that is of a lower intensity and does not surpass the throat. In other words, true love resides in the fortress of the heart. Whereas, fake love resides in the throat. To be sure, it’s the worst form of love. There is no doubt that for every coin, there are two faces, and in every relationship, there is bound to be two faces as well – true and fake love. Now, What is the power of love?

The Power Of Love As Exemplified By A True Lover

In her letter to an advice corner, one reader wrote: ” My boyfriend and I have been a couple for five months and are very much in love. He is wonderful and attractive, and the sweetest man I’ve ever dated. He takes care of my car problems, flat tires, anything I need, and I help him in his business, makes him dinner, anything he needs, we see each other every day. He is the man of my dreams. My problem is that I’m ready to talk marriage, and he doesn’t seem to be. He is 10 years older than me and has been married twice before, both times to women who turn out NOT to be nice people and about whom he had misgivings even before tying the knot.”

She continued: ” I’ve never been married before, and I do take it very seriously. My bringing up the subject has been a killer of other relationships in the past, and this one, I don’t want to kill. Subsequently, I’m afraid to bring it up. We share the same religion and believe that premarital sex is wrong… I vacillate between two camps: thinking I need to back off and prepare to date other people, or the idea that, OK, being his girlfriend is definitely better than being any other man’s wife…”

The power of love drove this woman to his current boyfriend. But how do we know whether that was true love of fake love? The power of fake love can, as well, drive anyone toward the opposite sex. We know it was the power of true love that drove her to her current boyfriend in her own words when she said: “…my problem is that I’m ready to talk marriage, and he doesn’t seem to be… I’ve never been married before, and I do take it very seriously. My bringing up this subject has been a killer to other relationships in the past, and this one, I don’t want to kill (emphasis mine). That statement exactly symbolizes the power of true love.

To this writer, at the top of every “love mountain” is marriage. In other words love is considered to be deficient if its not authenticated by marriage. On the other hand, this woman’s boyfriend couldn’t be said to be driven by the same potency. To be fair to him, this is a man who is also in love – which he has proven by taking care of his partner’s car problems, flat tires, anything [she] needs. But when it comes to the subject of marriage, he isn’t in the mood. There seems to me an asymmetry regarding the intensity of love flowing both ways.

Love Compares Favorably With The Eyes And Wings Of A Bat

Love is like a bat, and by analogy, its eyes compare favorably with a fake love, whereas its wings compare favorably with true love. Naturally, the bat keeps hidden in the daylight, although, daylight reveals everything else, gets moving in the night, although, the night shuts up every other living being. The bat keeps its eyelids down in the day, and instead treats night as a lamp. The darkness of the night does not obstruct the sight of the bat, nor does the gloom of darkness prevent it from movement.

However, as soon as the sun removes its veil and the light of morning appears, and the rays of its light enter upon the lizards in their holes, the bat pulls down its eyelids. This has been the case because, the bats eyes get dazzled during the daytime. It cannot make use of the light of the sun for being guided in its movements, and for reaching its abode. In effect, the brightness of daylight is of no use to the bat’s eyes. In the same manner, fake love has no potency – and not even the brightness of the day would cause it to see the beauty that life has to offer.

On the hand, true love is like the wings of the same bat. These wings are made of flesh, they look like the end of ears without feathers or bones. You can see the veins quite distinctly. These wings are neither too thin to get turned over, during flying, nor too thick to prove heavy. When the bat flies, the young ones hold fast to these wings – seeking refuge with them. The young does not leave these wings until its own limbs and wings get strong and can bear it for rising up and flying too. The potency of true love is analogous to tenderness, humility, helping your partner to hold fast to you – seeking refuge in you and counting on you at all times. True love looks like the end of ears without bones, yet very resilient and supportive


True love has a power that endures forever. And it differentiates itself from fake love by the virtue of the longevity and intensity of your relationship with the opposite sex. To be sure, relationships between “lovers” could be intense but short – indeed as short as a one night stand. It could also last longer, but would still lack the closeness, the intensity and the potency associated with true love.

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