What Is To Be Found In A Marriage Relationship?

In every marriage relationship, there are things that need to be present in order to make that relationship work. The lack of it brings the relationship to a standstill. An automobile doesn’t just suddenly stop on the highway for no any apparent reason. Some marriages surprisingly do not even need intercourse as a primary reason to make things work. Just kissing, touching and talking to each other could be the most important ingredient that holds some marriages intact. If couples lose interest in anything going on in the day to day lives of each other, that could also be recipe for disaster.

Some reasons why marriages do collapse are:

  • When couples become roommates instead of partners.
  • When sex becomes monotonous as a chore.
  • When couples stop caring about their appearances after the rings slip through the fingers and the reading on the scale start going up.
  • When couples start taking each other for granted. Even saying a “thank you” to each other after a great sex goes a long way!
  • When couples begin to care more about their individual bank accounts than they care for one another.
  • When couples stop being fun. They never want to go anywhere or do anything together as a couple. When a man misses dating his wife and vice versa. Like taking off to an island for a few days.
  • When the art of gift giving between couples becomes something of the past.
  • When couples no longer ask each other : “Honey how was your day today?”

Reasons Why Couples Cheat On Each Other

  • The sad reality is that even when married with children some men, and (even some women), still never lose the impulse and attraction to the opposite sex. At the gym, at the shopping malls, at the baseball games, at the pawn shops, at the PTA meetings, at the airports, and even in the aircraft, etc. Men just notice attractive women. And other women too, do the same! Note that some men and women honestly wish that they could make it go away and somehow turn off the switch for anyone but their partners. But some can’t just do that!
  • For some men (and women), they just continually have this impulse and then at some point make a bad choice to pursue it. You can make the impulse worse by flirting, viewing pornography, or starting unnecessary inter-personal relationships with the opposite sex. If you really love your spouse, remaining faithful to them, does require consistent choices of not making the impulse worse. For some men (and women), that indeed becomes a day to day battle.
  • Some Rules Of The Game For The Married Mind

  • Discipline yourself: Marriage can be a wonderful life altering experience if you maintain the discipline to be faithful to your spouse.
  • Your dealings with the opposite sex should always be friendly, warm, affectionate, but not overly so. As a married person, do always find a way to mention your wife and children – if you have to establish a new relationship with the opposite sex due to work or study. It may act as a deterrent to would-be “poachers”. Yes, it also sends a clear message to them that you aren’t available.
  • Do not comment on the appearance of the opposite sex other than your spouse. For instance, their weight gains and weight losses. Avoid offering any kind of commentary – no matter what – it just isn’t necessary – if that man or woman isn’t your spouse.
  • Look the best for your spouse. Every man or woman likes to see the love of their lives look their best. Consider it a daily challenge to not always stop caring about your appearance.
  • Do not ask others about their marital issues and don’t volunteer your own information about it.
  • Note that your love for your spouse should be that of true love. True love for your spouse should be all-inclusive than mere infatuation. If you truly love your spouse, you love everything about them.
  • Do not only “admire” your spouse but love them. Do not say: ” I admire him or her”, because your admiration for someone could be dependent upon a particular characteristic or trait in the one being admired. For instance, “I admire her for her eloquence; I admire her round face or big eyes.” Your admiration for this person could make tears fall down freely from your cheeks, and make the rest of your day dreamy and relaxed; yet still, you would not be said to have fallen head over heels in love with that person. No matter the intensity of your admiration for your spouse, it does not reach the degree of true love!

A Question To The Married Mind?

If you happen to get attracted to another man or woman outside your marriage, and you allow that impulse to inveigle you down the road of betrayal, will your love for the “other” man or woman be built upon sincerity, purity and affection or that, it will only be built upon satisfying your instincts through an illegal way? What would be your fate if you get caught by your spouse? If your love for your spouse is going to be shared by someone else outside the marital home, then why do you hope to raise a responsible family in such a matrimonial home that is shared between your spouse and another man or woman?

From a true lover’s point of view, you are rattling the wrong cage of love. In other words, your love for your spouse is not characteristic of true love that is based upon affection, compassion, tenderness, humility, and faithfulness. Because it’s only out of a dignified and true love that a matrimonial home must be built upon. With dignity and true love comes the fusion of the hearts and souls of the both of you. Thereafter, you begin to act like one individual. Then of course, the rainbow of love engulfs you – cultivating in you, the acceptance, with proud equanimity, the misfortunes of life. You and your spouse are meant to be together through thick and thin.

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