What Is The Meaning Of True Love – A Paradigm Shift

If true love is to be understood as a derivative of our shared consciousness; our common experiences; the small things we all know about love; the characters in our stories; the morals those stories carry about love; then true love is what we absorb as we grow up; that type of love we see and hear so often that we call it the only form of love. Out of true love comes behavior. True love could also be derived from the land, tools, materials, family; neighbors and nature. In most parts of the world, our leanings towards true love are still more powerful than our leanings toward fake love. It’s for this reason that true love is pure and endures forever – no matter the circumstances – as opposed to fake love that is alluring but fades away quickly.

True Love Wears No Makeup But It’s Alluring Perfume Makes It Smell Like Heaven

  • True love is priceless. It’s that type of love that has attained a considerable degree of maturity.
  • True love is priceless and the size of the wedding cake or the cost of the wedding ring pales in comparison.
  • True love is unshackled. It’s like the robin that just caught the first worm in Spring.
  • True love is the type of love that surrenders itself in marriage. It is susceptible to renewal, and it grows.
  • True love is like the soil. It is being cultivated carefully so that seeds planted into it will grow effortlessly.

  • True love opposes every obstacle, with perseverance, patience and a soothing language.
  • True love is when the prevailing ambiance between two couples is nothing but mutual affection and magnanimity.
  • True love is overwhelming and it is that type of love you find yourself incapable of walking away from.

True Love Described As A Camel

A Camel’s mouth has a thick leathery lining, allowing it to chew thorny desert plants- without getting hurt – just like true love, it is able to “chew” the thorny issues within a relationship and still remains committed.

  • Camels have large feet that helps them to walk on sand without sinking in. Unlike fake love, true love makes  couples walk on the hot desert sand without sinking. In a true love relationship, couples are able to cut through complex issues that exist within the relationship and forge consensus.
  • Camels have nostrils that can open and close to keep out blowing sand. Just like true love. It shuts out the blowing and invading winds of fake love  that may come to destroy the relationships. In other words, a true lover wouldn’t accept a fake lover. A true lover identifies and keeps a distance away from fake lovers.
  • Camels have three eyelids and two rows of long eye lashes that protect their eyes from blowing sand.  And true love has the same “three eyelids and two rows of long eyelashes” that protect it from the blowing sand of  fake love.
  • Camels store fat in their hump, not water. True love stores affection, tenderness, compassion and genuineness – not hatred, ruthlessness, indifference and ostentation.

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