What Is In A Love Relationship – Questions And Answers

To be sure, these days people have grown so busy that personal relationships have become impoverished. Friends are now harder to maintain and families are shrinking – not only because of rising divorce rates across the globe – but also due to the fact that people are now having fewer children. Sometimes, the elderly are not often cared for at home. Despite all these, one is apt to hear aphorisms like: “A friend in need is a friend indeed; tell me your friend and I will tell you his character; there is no better mirror than an old friend; you may find your best friend or your worst enemy in your self, etc.” These aphorisms may make you yawn, but they are sometimes the most effective way to characterize or sum up personal relationships.

Many people have now begun to question what is the best way to nurture long-term relationships. Below are some relevant questions about relationships – especially that between the opposite sexes.


How do you nurture a long-term relationship?


Being in a marital relationship is like being in an amazing institution where the couple truly love each other and are both prepared to work at it to keep it flourishing. I am not claiming to have a lot of thoughts and opinions that are unreasonably positive about long-term relationships, and that, I do not understand the challenges within marriages as they really are – It’s often easy to be starryeyed about a place you’ve never been to! But I will say this: marriage takes mutual commitment. Love, compassion and affection are what both partners need to dole out freely to each other when the going is tough and those feelings of infatuation fade away.

Inevitably, the cooling of intense romantic love often gives way to a period of disillusion, especially for those who regarded romantic love as the only essential component for both a marriage and it’s continuation. In the light of the fact that there is much more equality between both sexes than there was in previous generations, there is the need for couples to work harder together in order to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship. To be sure, women are now in the workplace in huge numbers and in many cases, out earn their husbands. They no longer gain their sense of self-worth and status through their husbands. They no longer feel an obligation to stay in a failed or unfulfilling marriage. All these mean that men have to work even harder to keep their marriages intact – if they don’t want to lose their spouses.

The many ways a man employ in order to maintain a long-term relationship include but not limited to:

  • Being courteous to his wife at all times.
  • Not despising or disgracing her in public.
  • Being faithful to her during her presence and absence from home.
  • Handing over complete authority to her in her marriage life.
  • Sometimes surprising her with gifts and adornments.

Since maintaining a long-term relationship doesn’t only have to be the sole prerogative of men, women also do have their part to play in order to keep the good times rolling on end.

These include, but not limited to the following:

  • Discharging her marital duties with grace and style.
  • Being hospitable to all her husbands’ relations .
  • Being faithful to her husband.
  • Guarding jealously her husband’s property and spends her husband’s wealth out of necessity and mutual consent.
  • Dressing gorgeously for her husband. The man also needs to do the same!


What does it mean when a man invites you home?


It means he may be interested in your friendship or building a relationship with you. A man who invites you to his home is actually a more sincere one than someone who wouldn’t like you to ever know where he lives – even if you request to go visit him at his home. His refusal to let you pay him a visit may be an indication of him hiding something from you. It may be that, he has a wife or flirting with multiple women that he wouldn’t want you to accidentally bump into during such visits

But you shouldn’t accept his invitation unless you are allowed to go to his home with at least one of your trusted friends. Never accept a man’s invitation to his home alone. Make sure you go with someone else. If he refuses and insists you come alone, then there should be something sinister.

After all, he can equally tell you “he loves you” even if you are together in a coffee shop or at the stadium watching a baseball game – and not only at his home.





Should I message a girl I haven’t talked to in months?


Why not? Reconciliation is always better. If you were in the wrong, you could call her up to apologize. So to speak, if she were in the wrong, you could still call her to tell her you have forgiven her. You lose nothing by calling her. You are only showing that you still love her and do also care about her



I am deeply in love with a married woman and wish to marry her. How do I convince my wife to break up with me nicely and quietly?


There is a story of a guy who met a married woman and in some few days decided he wanted her as his wife – her marriage to another man notwithstanding. Few days after meeting this woman, he unabashedly came home one day and requested a divorce from his wife in order to marry the other married woman. According to him, they had already decided to spend the rest of their lives together starting with that night – when they would both leave their spouses.

Prior to this time, his wife had been putting up with a bad behavior from him for almost a year. He would sneak out whenever she was pregnant and sick in bed. He would not also help ensure that his wife’s good health was maintained during her pregnancy. While this man was telling his wife about his new love, he said to his wife – when talking about her illness during pregnancy, “I didn’t sign up for that,” and I never really loved you.”

According to this narrator, the man then left soon after that. Later, the man’s wife got a phone call from her husband’s therapist saying he told her he made a mistake and wanted to come back to the marriage. His wife laughed and said, “His new girlfriend didn’t leave her husband, did she?” The therapist answered, “No, she didn’t.” His wife declined to accept him back and continued on with the divorce. According to this story, this man’s second wife (someone else) left him after three years in the same manner for another man. He was paid back in full!

In your case, why would you fall in love with someone else’s wife? What would happen if the other man finds out your secret relationship with his wife? If you never really loved your wife why didn’t you tell her or refuse to marry her? How would you feel if someone else does this to either your mother, your sister or your daughter? If you are really involved in a bad marriage and wants to get out of it that shouldn’t lead you to poaching other people’s wives.

Discuss with your wife honestly what you feel about your marriage life and suggest what should be done to make it work. If you still insist on leaving her, then do that in a much dignified manner. Your current affair with a married woman is reprehensible and I hope your wife finds out about your affair and dump you with the garbage before you do something silly.

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