The Wedding Cake And Love – A New Reality

A wedding cake is the traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner. In popular Western culture, the cake is usually displayed publicly and served to guests at the reception. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple. How do we compare love with the nature of a wedding ceremony? In other words, how do we know how much two partners love each other by observing the size of their wedding breakfast or wedding cake? Does a small wedding cake signify no love or little love? Does a big wedding cake or breakfast signify great love?

Before answering this question, this writer believes that common sense tells us of a gap between the knowledge that comes from books and the wisdom that comes from virtue. There may be times when we can know and measure knowledge. But I’m personally convinced that we can never weigh and measure wisdom. In short, wisdom is not only derived on top of the graduate school mountain, but can also be found on the sandbox at nursery school. Let’s all agree that wisdom means good judgment; common sense; wise thoughts; or simply the quality of being wise.

Love, The Wedding Cake And Royalty

Princess Diana, The Peoples’s Princess, was the most popular princess in the history of the British Monarchy. Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s wedding reception, back in 1980, was full of beautiful cakes, 27 to be exact, however, the main cake was the centerpiece and was designed and made by David Avery, head of the Royal Naval Cooking School. The cake that stood five feet tall is said to have cost $40,000 thirty eight years ago, and a few slices were saved and are being being auctioned off over the years. They were preserved in their original white and silver presentation box and are being sold at the auctions for nearly $2,000 a slice.

In audio tapes broadcast in March 2004, in a two-part NBC News special, Diana, The Princess of Wales described her early knowledge of Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, her battle with bulimia, and several suicide attempts. ” I threw myself down the stairs bearing in mind I was carrying a child.” She said. Describing one incident.

” Queen (Elizabeth) comes out, absolutely horrified, shaking she’s so frightened…and Charles went our riding.” Diana continued: ” I once heard him on the telephone in his bath…and he said, “Whatever happens, I’ll always love you, and I told him I’d listened at the door…we had a filthy row. She later said her eating disorder “started the week after we got engaged” ” My husband put his hands on my waistline and said: “Oh, a bit chubby here, aren’t we?” And that triggered something in me.”

Such had been the fate of a Princess who had touched the hearts of so many people around the world with her love and compassion.

The Wedding Is Set After The ‘Bell Of Love’ Rings

Is it part of wisdom to dine, wine and eat so much cake during their wedding that couples go home with minds befuddled by too much drinking that they even find it difficult to locate their marital bed? Let’s be honest, holding a wedding ceremony for two lovers doesn’t occur until the ‘bell of love’ has rung several times inside the hearts of these two lovers who are already at the top of the ‘Love Mountain’ – reminding them that something needs to be done urgently. There comes the need to answer to this clarion call. Answering this call entails the announcement of a wedding ceremony that indicates a desire to live together forever after.

To be sure, Royal and Star-studded weddings, that are pomp-laden with huge and well-decorated wedding cakes have foundered after only few years. This is also true in some opulent communities across North and South America, Africa, Asia. Europe, and indeed, the Middle East – where the teachings of their religion discourages, to a larger extent, extravagance during weddings. Where is the wisdom in indulging in extravagance during weddings only for the bride and the bridegroom to start snapping at each other’s ankles once the ‘love feast’ is over?

Some bridegrooms actually spend all of their life-savings during weddings just to impress their brides – and other attendees – only to go on a borrowing spree – asking their creditors not to let their “First Ladies” know they are now totally broke after the wedding. As a true love advocate, I can only relate these facts from real original sources and according to my experience and not from mere speculation! How wise would it be, if all lovers would follow the virtues of true love as described by the Muslim Holy Book – The Holy Qur’an:

A Wedding Cake Should not ‘Rob Peter To Paul’

And The Holy Qur’an says:

“Those who, when they spend,

Are not extravagant and not

Niggardly, but hold a just (balance)

Between those Extremes.” (Qur’an, 25:67).

In ordinary spending, this is a wise rule. But even more important is in a wedding or charity; in which we do of our best, it is expected that we should not be extravagant – we should neither do it for show, to impress other people, nor do it thoughtlessly, which would be the case if we ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’. We should certainly not be miserly, but we should remember everyone’s rights – including our own and that of our lovers, and strike a perfect just balance between them. If we neglect our partner’s rights during a wedding, and thus indulge in extravaganza, it would be a matter of time when all the masquerading that we did in front of our lovers wander, thus leaving us in the lurch.

Why would you opt for a bigger and a very expensive well-decorated wedding cake if you cannot afford it? There have been several weddings that were ostentatious but which later foundered on the grounds that the men were broke! Internationally, ‘play boys’ addicted to fast women and fast cars often indulge in flamboyant weddings. But what has often been the outcome? They sometimes end in a bad taste. After passing a whole day eating a well-decorated and expensive wedding cake in a cozy wedding ceremony – quaffing all the ale their money can buy, some bridegrooms usually go home to their brides swaggering and intoxicated.

Here is A ‘Wolf’ Displaying The Courage Of a ‘Lion’ On A Wedding Night

After having enjoyed a sumptuous wedding cake during a flamboyant wedding ceremony, the bridegroom arrives home. And carelessness, that is often said to be a foe to sense gets the better of him, he then pounces upon his helpless bride like what a wolf, displaying the courage of lion does, when it pounces upon a prey in the jungle. Due to his drunkenness, he might even throw up the expensive wedding cake he had consumed.on top of the marital bed. Then what will be the outcome? What will be the impression of the helpless bride – who sacrificed all other suitors to be his wife? Would it be love on the first wedding night or hatred on the first wedding night?

The ostentatious display of finery and outrageously expensive jewels during weddings sometimes play a part in robberies. One of the memorable acts of ostentation in history was when Cleopatra dissolved a precious pearl in a cup of wine! To be sure, the experience of a bride who has been pounced upon on a wedding night would continue to rankle within her for the days, weeks and months ahead.

Yes, this has been a sad experience for this bride during her first encounter with her ‘playboy’ after the wedding. These ‘playboys’ might try to justify their drinking of too much wine by saying: ” We drank too much in order to enhance our virility!” What a pity! They may be ignorant of the fact that drinking too much is often associated with sexual impotence. If they knew they were partially impotent, why didn’t they make appointments with their urologists before time and/or arrange to buy some Viagra? All in all, the size of a wedding cake and of course, the flamboyance and extravaganza displayed during any particular wedding has nothing to do with true love.


True love is what is needed by lovers before, during and after the wedding night – because it endures. And every morning, it acts like a gentle breeze that wafts the scent of the roses of love into the matrimonial home through it’s open windows. As for the pomp and well-decorated wedding cakes, they quickly disappear into the wilderness as if they were never part of the wedding ceremony.

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