Some Love Quotes – A Critical Analysis

We often hear love quotes like. “Love is like a chicken soup, because chicken soup is heartwarming and nourishing just like love; Love can’t be defined, it can only be felt; Love is like a morning smile; Love is when there is no time; Love is like the long wait for eternity; Love is like a woman in one touch, etc,” It’s also essential to examine some famous love quotes. Love Is blind. 

This proverb first came into existence through the poetry narrated by Geoffrey Chaucer. He was considered the famous English playwright of his time – before the advent of William Shakespeare. Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales. Then after him came Shakespeare who said in one of his plays – Two Gentlemen of Verona.

” If you love her, you cannot see her. Why? Because love is blind.”

What is meant here usually refers to the inability of a lover to discern the shortcomings in the one he or she loves. In other words, lovers faintly discern each other’s shortcomings.


Love That Is Blind Is Love Without Reason Or Judgment

In his later book, The Merchants of Venice, Shakespeare re-adjusted this meaning in another play:

” But love is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.”

Therefore, when we say Love Is Blind, it means lovers are unwilling or unable to understand or notice the shortcomings in each other. In other words, love that is blind is love without reason or judgment – it just happens for no any other reason. Indeed, it’s love that’s not ruled by purpose. It’s thoughtless and reckless.

Let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves. Is love really blind in the real world? Credit Robert Schuman, a French Statesman, said:

” When I was young, I vowed never to get married until I find an ideal woman, well, I found her. But unfortunately, she had been waiting for a perfect man.”

The heart of this honorable Statesman was at an “auction”, waiting for the highest “bidder”. After a long wait, he did find a woman who he wrongly thought was going to be the highest “bidder”. To his amazement, this ideal woman didn’t even realize his presence at the “auction”. Not even the “auctioneer” could draw the attention of this ideal woman to the Frenchman. What a pity!

In The Real World, Love Is Not Blind

Let’s pause for a moment and ask our selves again. Is love really blind in the real world? If so, then why is it that there is now a growing number of single women who would rather prefer to stay single and happy, than give their hearts to undeserving men, who will only cause them more pain and suffering? This writer thinks only a few people nowadays still believe in the notion of love being blind.

Ernest Hemingway, The American writer and Nobel Laureate in Literature once said: “Never worry about women; just try to be kind and good and think in their head and make them happy; if they are bitches, you can always dump them. Most women aren’t bitches except when they are made so by men”

The other famous love quote goes as: “Love me. love my dog.”


The meaning of this is that, if someone loves a person, he or she should also love all things dearest to him or her. And that a person in love should protect the valuable possession of his or her sweetheart – as well as look after the welfare of him or her. A Christian priest, St. Bernard reportedly said in the year 1153,

Que ma amat, amat et ma canem meum

This means that: “Anyone who loves me also loves my dog.” And in the year 1480, another famous saying about love went as follows:

He that lovytheme, lovythe my hound

A hound is a type of dog used for hunting – foxhound. A common saying in French West Africa about love goes as follows:

Pas la jalousie, pas la l’amour.

Meaning if there isn’t jealousy, there isn’t love – Love and jealousy are strange bedfellows, and that if a man loves a woman, he will always be restless if he sees her talking to a stranger, and vice versa.

A Pre-Islamic Poet’s Love Quote

In pre-Islamic Arabia – the period before the advent of Islam – which some Western writers consider to be “the Age of Ignorance or barbarism,” the woman’s position was indeed unenviable; and, although she participated in many a social and economic activity; and although, sometimes glowing tributes were paid to sweethearts in pre-Islamic poetry; generally, women were treated as chattels. There were no limits to a man taking as many wives as he likes.

Similarly, he divorced his wives at will and quite frequently. Despite the ill-treatment of women, this was what one pre-Islamic poet had to say about love:

“And I love her and she loves me. And her she-camel loves my camel.”

What this pre-Islamic Arab poet wanted to convey to us was that, the love between him and his sweetheart was so intense and pervasive that it caused their two camels – male and female, to also fall in love with each other.

This was in spite of the fact that he, (and other men like him), during that epoch could marry and divorce their sweethearts at will without the slightest compunction. This was the time when there was no rule of prohibition. So a man could, and did marry irrespective of blood relationship. Often two sisters were joined as wives to a man at the same time. Sons married their fathers’ ex-wives or widows (excluding their mothers).

The ‘Fire Of Love’ Between Ants Misused

A man in love might say to his sweetheart:

I love you more than the love ants have for one another”

This may be a hyperbole. Indeed, It might just be a meretricious expression with no real feelings behind it. It’s only recently that researchers have found that the “fire of love” between ants is several times hotter than the love between humans. It has been found out by scientist that, every act of interactions between ants springs from their lofty and very sincere love for one another. In effect, ants have a love for one another that can’t be replicated in any other creature on earth.

The ant, to outward appearance, is a very small and humble creature. In the great pomp and circumstances of being in love, she may be neglected or even trampled on by lovers who mean her no harm. Yet, by her sincere love and wisdom, she carries on her own life full of love within her own sphere (habitation) with unalloyed enthusiasm.


Indeed there are some love quotes that can’t be taken seriously because they are insincere. Action should, and must always speak louder than words. If you truly love someone, show it by your actions and stop messing around.

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