Stories Of Women Infidelity – An Appraisal

In his book (Kitaabul Aghani) , the Books Of Songs, Al Asfahani, relates the story of a Woman’s infidelity in a love triangle between Majnoon (a lunatic), Layla, and her husband. In it, we are told of how Majnoon was madly in love with Layla. Majnoon had met Layla on several occasions before, and even after her marriage to another man. The love between them was so intense that, after Layla’s husband and father traveled out of town, Layla sent her slave-girl to fetch her lover Majnoon. He spent the night with her but was sent away before sunrise. Every time and before she had Majnoon sent away, she would say to him: “Come to me every night as long as the travelers have not returned.”

As one would expect, Majnoon continued to see Layla nightly until the travelers returned. It could be said that Majnoon did what he did because he could not get married to Layla. But after her marriage to another man, wouldn’t it have been proper for him to transfer his love to another woman other than Layla? On the other hand, why did Layla, despite her love for Majnoon, failed to marry him? Was she afraid she would be scoffed at, for getting married to a lunatic? It was strange that she would allow him to sneak into her matrimonial home during the darkness of the night to make love to her, but would also make him slip away before sunrise to avoid detection.

What Was So Special About Majnoon That Drove Layla Crazy

The forces that drive us sexually remain among the most baffling aspects of our lives. Why, in the midst of a perfectly happy and satisfying relationship, do we sometimes get an incredibly strong urge to be unfaithful? Layla preferred only to have sex with Majnoon but not to marry him. The question is, what was so special about Majnoon, the lunatic, that drove Layla into infidelity? Was Layla’s husband incapable of satisfying her sexual cravings? How could a lunatic manage to “heat up” Layla’s marital bed in a way that was much better than her sane husband?

There are no easy answers available. One of the probable answers could have been that, this lunatic was more adept at foreplay than Layla’s sane husband – thus the reason for her behavior. She preferred Majnoon for sex, but lived with her husband for security and dignity.

There may be many other “Laylas” and “Majnoons” within and outside the “Presidential Palaces Of Love” There are married women who would not divorce their husbands, but at the same time would like to hold fast to their Majnoons. Husbands for security and dignity, and Majnoons for sex!

We are all still confronted with a dilemma: Is love really blind as some often do say? If that was the case, why, didn’t Layla marry Majnoon and forget about the world around her – even if her husband wore torn clothes and gathered bones around him? When should we draw the line between love and sex? This writer believes that, the Royal Highway of true love should always end in the Royal City of marriage. Should this Royal Highway of true love fall short of reaching this City, will that still be called true love?

Majnoon Wore Torn Clothes And Gathered Bones Around Him

Majnoon’s infatuation for Layla was so intense that he gave up the five daily prayers – all Muslims are obligated to perform five daily prayers. His love for Layla has supplanted his fear of God. This is what the narrator tells us in his book: ” He did not put on any garment – unless he has already torn it into pieces; he did not walk in the streets – unless he was stark naked; he played with earth, and gathered bones around him; yet, if you mentioned Layla to him, he would become boisterous; and would begin to narrate to you every detail about her. But if you asked him: “Why did you give up the five daily prayers, he would not utter a single word…”

Nothing is more distasteful (to this writer) than that entire complacency and satisfaction that beam in the countenances of a newly-married couple. That complacency and satisfaction shown by newly-weds could soon change into diffidence and frustration if the foundation of this marriage is deficient in true love. There are sufficient reasons for every one involved in a romantic relationship to remain circumspect – and avoid complacency. The challenge always will be how to create the good times for true lovers, and get these good times rolling for years on end?

Is this way a love affair should be conducted? if it were to be this case, then customs and values would be lost among people. And all that is known as congeniality, affection, compassion, and tenderness would have been lost. Consequently, lovers would have lost that deep-rooted trust and tranquility, they aspire for, in romantic relationships. Couples are expected to grow together – not grow apart. Question is, how could Majnoon and Layla ever grow together?

We All Question Love Throughout Life

No matter who will fall in love with, we all face the dilemmas of love. To be sure, most of us question love throughout life. “Does my husband really love me? Won’t he abandon me in the course of time for a much younger woman? These days he always returns late from work …and when I attempt to ask him why, he yells at me, is he having an affair?’ One housewife lamented.” This could have been another man’s complaint about his wife.


There are sufficient reasons for married couples to remain circumspect and avoid complacency. The challenge is always how to create the good times for true lovers and also keep the good times rolling for years on end. It all boils down to three basic facts: Who gets what, when and how in a spousal relationship? The who, when and how questions, if handled adeptly, will definitely create the good times – not only that – it will also keep the good times rolling for years on end. In a spousal relationship, who gets the sex, the care, the respect, the warmness and consideration? When does he or she wants to have them? How does he or she wants to have them?

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