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What is in a relationship? We all question love throughout life – and that is normal!

I Share A Business And Home With My Husband. Yet, I find Myself In A Lopsided Relationship. He Doesn’t Reciprocate My Love For Him Even Slightly

To be sure, there are still people out there who believe perfect marriages are Made In Heaven. The reality is that the maintenance work has to be done right down here! Having said that, do not give up on working to turn him around. Yes, it could be painful, arduous and frustrating. That is the price you would have to pay to keep this marriage intact, He may be suffering from certain insecurities and needs re-assurances from you.

Give him a breathing space. There are always two solutions to one problem. If spoiling him through sex and watching night baseball together fails to work, then try another method. That could be going out – for window shopping or chasing each other around with baseball bats in the woods. Let him understand that there is no Royal Road to love. There should always be a reciprocation – give and take.

I was once by a Rose breeder, that the more thorns a rose has the more beautiful the perfume and the roseand this got me thinking about mending a strained relationship between husband and wife. Strained relationships within a matrimonial home are like weeds growing around a rose flower – they have to be cleared before they outgrow the rose flower. Here you have to tackle two problems – thorns on the rose and weeds growing beneath.

Thorns are great as long as you look at them and think, OK, how can I remove this thorn and move on with ease? Let the thorns stay on the rose as you move forward and remember there are always solutions to every problem, so don’t fret, stay calm and find the solution.

I Suspect My Spouse Is Cheating On Me. Do I Have To Stalk Him To Build A Case Against Him?

If you suspect him, confront him. It may be that you are only being paranoid. He may either confirm or deny it. Almost always he will deny it. But that’s okay. You really don’t need to stalk him or have him stalked. His own conscience will stalk him on your behalf. If he is really cheating on you, guilt and pain will definitely become terrible exchanges for those (often) stolen moments.


He will come up to you one day and confess. Honey! For sometime now, I have cheating on you…kneeling down and with both legs trembling he will ask for your forgiveness. It will then be up to you to either forgive or send him packing. For now, you only have to compare the intensity of your relationship with what it used to be prior to this time of “infidelity”. He may still be clean. Just allow him room to clean up the mess on his own – if he is really cheating on you.

His conscience alone is enough to diminish his aura when he is around you.

When You Marry Someone, Do You Also Have To Help Pay Off The Debts They Brought With Them?

First of all, marriage is a union of two lovers who differ from each other in temperament and characteristics. The fact that you (two) decided to get married, means that you are ready to share each other’s burden. Otherwise what is the reason for this marriage?

To be sure, if either you – wife or husband brings debt into your marriage, you have to consider it as a shared burden. It becomes the responsibility of the both of you. That is another way of showing love to your partner. And those are some things that guarantees a marital bliss – Its by re-assuring him/her that, you will be there for each other.

If I marry you, it means I love you. And if I love you, it means I am ready to share the burden of life with you. What if either of you brings illness into your marriage? You both have to look for a remedy. That is exactly what marriage means.

If I accept to marry you. I must accept to marry your problems. You can’t separate the two – they are like siamese twins. Thinking otherwise wouldn’t be counted as the true union between two individuals who had fallen in love.

He Tells Me He Loves Me. Yet He Tells Me He Needs Time To See If I Am Good Enough For Him.


He wants to spend time with you to really know if you are good enough for him? It is really somewhat fishy. Now how does he want to spend time with you? Having sex and thinking of a serious relationship later? Now what’s in a true love relationship? Dreams and deception?

You better be very circumspect so that you don’t become one of the statistics. There are those women and men who run after very caller and bend in the direction of every wind. If he is serious about your relationship, he has to commit now – not later. Do not allow yourself to be considered a usable and expendable commodity by someone else who would not commit. Do note this: No one takes advantage of you without your permission!

Is Love Marriage Acceptable In Islam?

Why not? Muslims are also encouraged to marry purely based on love for each other. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him), once remarked: “We have not seen anything suitable for lovers other than marriage.” Related by Ibn Majah.This means that – two people will not marry unless they are deeply in love. Or that the climax of every love affair is marriage. Despite the fact that most marriages could be arranged ones, the parties involved still need to consent to the relationship – contrary to forced marriages where both parties have no say. This type of forced marriages are not condoned in Islam.

Can Your Spouse Still Cheat On You Even If You Are Being Faithful

You can only control or regulate what is within your power. It’s not possible to control or regulate what others own. If you in engage in a serious relationship with someone and you are faithful, it doesn’t guarantee that the other partner will reciprocate your faithfulness.

The best way for you to do is communicate more and give your partner the benefit of the doubt. The more intense your communication become, the closer your relationship will get and the less likely they will cheat on you.

A Therapist Is Telling My Girlfriend That It Is Dangerous Her To Be In A Relationship With Me

It is possible that the therapist has discerned some undesirable traits from you. In any case, go with your girlfriend to the therapist inquire why these reservations. Be polite and open to her about you relationship and what it means to you. Seek advice for her’him as to how to better manage your relationship. If s/he is unwilling to tell you anything that therapist may have a problem. Bottom line is, s/he doesn’t know the unseen. Therefore s/he cannot substantiate that claim. S/he might only be trying to scare the daylight out of her for no tangible reason. Who knows, your true and honest relationship with your girl could lead to marriage. Do not pay attention to the therapist – s/he is unwilling to share his or her reservations with you. Remember this: Perfect relationships are made by imperfect people.

So do not pay attention to this scare monger of a therapist. Go ahead and live your dreams and make sure your relationship gets to the point whereby you will think of tying the knot!


Whenever I am With Him, I Experience A Faster Heartbeat. But Still, I Can’t See Us In A Romantic Relationship. Do I Love Him Or Is It Something Else?

It may be that you are only infatuated with him but don’t truly love him. The aroma of Love is pervasive just like rose flowers. When you happen to stand by it, you immediately get attached to it by it’s pleasant aroma. If you can’t see yourself in a romantic relationship with him, then why is it that there is always something “of the dog” in him that makes your heart palpitate whenever you are with him? Try to find several reasons why you can’t still see yourself in a romantic relationship with him. Ask yourself if your reasons are convincing enough. Be honest to yourself.

That admiration or infatuation of yours has not reached the level that one will say you are beginning to fall in love. Falling in love is one thing. And being infatuated is another.

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