Free Short Romantic Love Story – Continuation

He Loved Her. But Ended Up Hurting Her Even More

Abudu sounded penitent when Sandra told him how much pain he had caused her.

“It was Abudu’s natural treachery that had finally caught up with him. He refused to let my best friend, Angelina accompany us.” Sandra says.

“He deliberately made me fail in all my French oral exams. I was really appalled at his perfidy. He had sworn to me that he would be my confidant and protector at the boarding school, and despite that, he betrayed my trust by purposefully delaying my swift transfer to the hospital.” Sandra laments.

Sandra goes on to lambaste Abudu of his perfidy:

“He seemed to have more temerity than skill or sense. He was like that mountain climber who ended up at the bottom of the heap because he tried to climb a mountain that was much too difficult for him. His tenacious effort to keep me by his side, no matter how long it took to fix his car or get a taxi earned him a bad reputation among my schoolmates – and even some of his ardent admirers. He spoke English with a lisp. No wonder some students at our school took advantage of this to mercilessly satirize him in a skit at the school talent show last semester.”

As they drive past the police barrier toward the hospital, the young officer who gave Sandra a ride cracks a conversation:

“I’m Sergeant Nelson. What’s your name young lady?”

“I’m Sandra.”

“A nice name. Who’s that man?”

“He’s my school principal.” Sandra answers with a languid drawl.

“What’s his name?”

“He’s Abudu.”

“Is he married?”


“Has he any kids?”

“Yes. Three kids.”

Sandra says:

Irresponsibility And Neglect At The Emergency Department

“The car pulls over at the emergency ward. I’m visibly tired and weak. The officer helps me out of the car and walks me slowly into the main hall of the emergency ward.”

Sandra is multiracial. Her maternal ancestors were European. Her father was African.

Sandra describes the scene at a typical African hospital:

“I can see some patients sitting on the floor because all the benches are occupied. I sit down on the floor beside one old lady in her seventies. She’s bleeding. She has a cut in her right arm. Tears are flowing freely down her cheeks as she toiled to ease the pain, stop the oozing blood, and bind the wound. The pathos in the lot of patients waiting in the emergency ward is so much for me to bear.”

Sandra describes the attitude of the nurses upon her arrival:

“The nurses on duty are looking on unconcerned. Probably their minds are set on leaving the shores of Africa in the search for greener pastures abroad.” Sandra surmises.

The officer cries out.

“Why are you nurses standing and staring at us. This young lady needs immediate attention.”

“Have you paid for registration?” A middle-aged nurse with flaccid arms and legs asks.

“Of course yes.”

Taking out a lipstick and a tiny mirror from her side pocket, she retorts insolently:

“Then let her sit down over there and wait!”

Her peremptory tone of voice irritates the officer and even some of her colleagues.

“Are you here for a beauty contest or to help take care of the sick?” Sergeant Nelson asks angrily.

“It’s none of your business. Shut up over there!” She says. I’ve got a son who’s almost your age.” The nurse angrily tells  officer.

Love At A Standstill. Officer Refuses To Pay Bribe

“No, never.” The officer refuses to budge.

“Then say whatever pleases you. You risk making that your sister (or who ever she is to you) sit here till daybreak without being attended to, unless you are ready to do something”

“Do what?” It’s been three and a half hours since Abudu’s car had a flat tire. Here am I again. I’m caught up in another mess. What a bad day!” Sandra laments her plight.

“The officer is taking something out of his pocket. Is he taking out money to pay our way through? I’m wondering. He is walking toward the information desk.” Sandra is talking to her self.

“Please can I talk to the chief nurse?” The officer says.

“You can’t talk to the chief nurse. What’s your problem?” The lady sitting at the counter replies.

Showing his police badge to the lady, he says: “This is my problem.”

“Okay. She’s the one sitting over there painting her lips.” The receptionist says – pointing her index finger to the woman sitting adjacent to the main entrance.

“There are three of them painting their lips. Which of them?” The officer inquires.

“That one sitting on the right side of the door leading to the main entrance.”

“Do you mean that lady I was just arguing with?” The officer asks.

“Yes, sir, but I don’t think she knew you were a police officer.” The receptionist says with her voice shaking.

“What would she have done if she knew I was an officer?”

“She would have given you a special treatment.” The receptionist says.

“Special treatment?” What do you mean by that?” The officer asks

“I mean she would have treated you better.”

“What better?”

“She would have instructed the nurses to attend to that lady you brought in promptly.”

“So what of those sick people sitting on the floor. What’s their fate?” The officer says, pointing to the sick people on the benches.

“They’ll all soon be attended to.” The receptionists reassures the officer.

“How long will take all of these patients to get prompt attention. Is this not an emergency ward?”

“Yes it is. But…”

“But what?” The officer shouts out in anger and frustration.

“You know many people walk into this emergency ward without enough money to…”

“Without enough money to pay for registration?” The officer interrupts.

“No. Enough money to get things done for them quickly.”

“Okay. What’s her name? Are you trying to produce a watertight alibi to exonerate her from all responsibility for her conduct?” The officer asks the receptionists.

“No. But…” She’s scratching her hair. She’s unable to continue.

“Stop scratching your hair and talk to me. But what?” The officer insists.

“I don’t want to lose my job. I’m obliged to swim with the tide.”

With complacency and satisfaction beaming in her countenance, she continued:

“When in Rome, do like the Romans!”

“Don’t be silly. Do you even know where Rome is?” The officer is agitated further.

“Is Rome not the capital of Hungary, no, Austria?” “My brother even sends me money from that city.”


“From where?

“From Rome, in Austria!” She replies with confidence.

“You should be ashamed of your self that you don’t know where Rome is.” The officer says.

“It isn’t my business to know where Rome is, officer. After all, how many of those white men in Rome (wherever it is located, care to know where Ghana is situated on the world map?” The receptionist counters.

With a sardonic grin, expressive of disdain, she continues:

“Why is it that we have a penchant for knowing where the white man lives, what he eats or drinks, where he sleeps, and even the names of his dogs?”

“I’m very impressed about your sense of black pride. But why haven’t you translated that into eradicating the rot in this emergency ward?” The officer says.

“What rot.”

“I mean the corruption; the inefficiency; and the general apathy toward the sick.”


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Free Short Romantic Love Stories – In An African Setting

She was born and bred a Christian 55 years ago. Her name was Sandra.  She was of a mixed heritage. Her maternal ancestors were European. Her  father was African. She later converted to Islam and was named Layla 27. During her time in high school, she fell in and out of love several times in a year.

Sandra didn’t ever hang out with one man for more than six months. She says she was the most beautiful girl in her school and that she had a knack in engaging in hanky-panky relationships and never slept with any man unless she was convinced the man really loved her. She’d date a man for a month or two and then dump him. This was particularly the case if a man insisted during the early period of their relationship on slipping between the sheets with her.

Sandra’s First Encounter With A Married Man

Sandra’s first encounter with a married man was that with her high school principal called Abudu. Although he was married, Abudu was amorous of every pretty woman he meets. She was 17 and he was 45 with a face like granite, but had smiles that were captivating. He had five grown-up  children and knew how to behave in any company and in any situation. On the other hand, she was young, unmarried and naïve. He looked older than his age and was handsome.

It was Abudu’s wont to give lengthy speeches that were often larded with obscure quotations. Sandra considered him to be a messianic leader who showed his students the way to a better life. She would go to Abudu to seek advice on every thing, even including how to deal with guys who often harassed her because she wouldn’t go out on a date with them. Little did she realize she was being dragged into a spider’s web. He then took advantage of this young attractive and naïve girl.

He vowed to make Sandra fall in love with him, and she did. Abudu was a womanizer, and he applied his skill to the minutiae of his craft. It all started when Sandra had difficulty in adjusting to the new milieu at boarding school. And. although Abudu was the school principal, he also taught French—a subject Sandra hated most. And, although French was a required subject, Sandra failed in every French exam. Abudu made matters worse by making sure that she wouldn’t pass any of her French exams.

Being the only French teacher in the school he called the shots. Grandpa got worried about Sandra’s poor records in French and hired a private tutor. It didn’t work. Despite Grandpa’s efforts to help her get a passing grade in her French exams, she kept slipping on the banana peels of Abudu who frustrated all her efforts. Sometimes, all went well during the written examination until the oral part—which was always Sandra’s nemesis. She considered Abudu as a messianic figure and did never suspect that he was the real cause of her problems.

She Was Down With A Headache After A Volley Ball Competition

It was one hot afternoon during the dry season when Sandra came down with a severe headache after taking part in a volley ball competition, and that presented Abudu with a golden opportunity to make Sandra to get Sandra to sit in his car for the first time. His previous efforts to get her take a ride in his car had all been fruitless. This time, he offered to take her to the hospital in his rickety 45 year-old sedan.


At first, Sandra insisted on being accompanied by her best friend—Angelina. Abudu resisted. Assuring her that all will be well. It was during the weekend, and Sandra knew Abudu’s wife had gone to visit her parents in the village with her children.

“Sandra, I know you feel uncomfortable being alone with me in the car without your most trusted friend, Angelina.” Abudu appeases Sandra.

“Yes. I do.” Sandra affirms.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go back and fetch her after I drop you off at the hospital.” Abudu reassures Sandra

“But why didn’t you allow her to go with us in the first place?” Sandra retorts bitterly.

“I was afraid.” Abudu answers.

“Afraid of what?” Sandra sks.

“Afraid that she’ll find out why…why you’ve failed in every French oral examination.” Abudu explains.

“What has my French orals got to do with she accompanying me?”

“Now listen carefully. Ever since I…” Abudu tries explaining matters to Sandra.

“Ever since you what?” Sandra asks.

“Please, I’m really sick, and you’ve offered to take me to the hospital, and I do appreciate that. Please don’t indulge in histrionics for the moment. Leave that for another day.” Sandra tries to stop Abudu.

“Okay. I just wanted you know how much I love you.” Abudu is now being honest.

“Would you stop the car and let me get out?” Sandra is infuriated.

“No. You are sick. And I can’t leave you by the roadside under this hot sun.” Abudu tries his luck.

He Defies Orders To Stop. Then Gets A Flat Tyre

The weather was fine, and the traffic was light. Abudu was doing ninety on a wide straight road with a speed limit of 65km/h. He was spotted by an off-duty traffic police officer who gave him a good chase. Abudu had defied orders by the officer to pull up. He therefore had to call for a back up. But long before they arrived, he had a flat tire. The officer arrives. He’s in his early thirties. He’s a tall, lanky and good-looking man.

Abudu is looking nervous. Not because he’s afraid of being charged with disregarding the speed limit and also flouting orders to pull up. He’s nervous for a different reason – losing Sandra to this young man. He knows after all that, as far as breaking the law is concerned, the payment of a sum of money (bribe), linked to the gravity of the offense, will enable him get away with it. He’s done it on several occasions, and is determined to do it again this time.

“Do you realize how dangerous it is to over speed?”

“Many innocent people get killed on our roads due to what some drivers always consider to be “circumstances” that force them to…”

Abudu interrrupts:

“Officer, you can see that the girl inside the car is moaning, as pain wracks her body. I was only trying to help by… ”

The police officer also interrupts:

“By your over speeding? But you could equally have killed her by driving recklessly!”

“Ok Officer I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

The Back Up Arrives. Abudu Tries To Bribe The Officers

The back up arrives. Abudu calls one of them aside. In a geographic area where bribes and pay-offs are an accepted way to get things done, he tries to bribe him. This was an exceptionally bad day for him. These were not venal police officers. He therefore refuses to accept any bribe. One of them issues a ticket to him for over speeding and reckless driving. Sandra is standing outside the car. The off-duty police officer sees how she is toiling to ease the pain wracking her. He tries to offer Sandra a ride to the hospital. Abudu becomes fidgety. Sensing that he might not after all get to the hospital in his own car, he says:

“Officer, don’t worry, I‘ll quickly fix my car and drive her to the hospital. Abudu appeals.

“How would you do that in even two hours time? Look the girl is in real pain!” The officer cries out.

“If I’m not able to fix it soon, I’ll take a taxi.” Abudu reaasures the officer.

“Stop dreaming about taking a taxi when I’m willing to drop her at the hospital at no cost!” The officer cries out again.

“But Officer, she wouldn’t feel comfortable with you behind the wheels. You’re a stranger!” Abudu tries to convince the officer to abandon his plans.

“Why are you so heartless? Its going to take you the whole afternoon to fix this car or even get a taxi, I’ll not allow you to cause the death of this young innocent girl. I’m sending her to the hospital right away!” The officer makes a final decision.

“Officer, may I accompany you to the hospital?” Abudu makes a final appeal in a guttural voice.

“No, you’d better stay behind and take care of your car.”

Sandra In Agony While Abudu And Police Officer Decide Her Fate

Abudu was adamant. He would not let the police officer take Sandra to the hospital all by himself. He had become so infatuated with Sandra that he always drooled and gurgled whenever he was close to her. While the two men quarreled over who would take Sandra to the hospital, time went by slowly. Terseness is not one of Abudu’s virtues. He would talk until the crack of dawn if someone didn’t stop him. Twenty-five minutes has passed. The officer ignores him. He’s helping Sandra into his car. Abudu’s knees are seen knocking as he looks on apprehensively.

The officer refuses to let Abudu join them in his car, asking him to rather tend to his car and go pay his traffic violation as soon as possible. Before they speed off to the hospital, Sandra asks Abudu:

“What’s so special about you insisting on sending me to the hospital?”

“It’s because I’m responsible for your safety. I’m your high school principal.”

“My safety for God’s sake. You were over speeding until you had a flat tire. You would have equally caused my death.” Sandra gives Abudu a rap on the knuckles.

Moving toward Sandra who was seated at the back of the car, Abudu says:

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

The officer speeds away with Sandra at the back seat.

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3 Types Of Marriages – A Panoramic View

There are basically three types of marriages known today. These are: Arranged marriages, love marriages and forced marriages. Different people (within different cultures) have different opinions and perceptions regarding these three types of marriages. There are some cultures that prefer forced marriages to the other two types. Let’s pause for a moment and ask: Which type of marriage is better? An arranged marriage, a forced marriage or a love marriage?

To be sure, every coin as two faces and marriage isn’t an exception. In the three opposing camps, there are advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to shop around for goodies within each of these camps, you will find out that there are few things that you might like in arranged marriages. The same goes for forced marriages and love marriages. Various cultures have a variety of factors that lead them to accept and encourage either of these three types of marriages.

Reasons for performing forced marriages – and to a certain extent – arranged marriages include: strengthening extended family links; controlling unwanted behavior and sexuality; preventing ‘unsuitable’ relationships; protecting and abiding by perceived cultural or religious norms; keeping the wealth in the extended family; dealing with the consequences of pregnancy out of wedlock; considering the contracting of a marriage as the duty of the parents; obtaining a guarantee against poverty.

Some basic reasons associated with love marriages do include, but not limited to you being free to choose who you want to live with for the rest of your life; that you don’t want to have a strange bed-fellow; the ease of communication between couples; you can speak from your heart into your partner’s heart since your union is based on mutual love and affection that can in itself increase the chances of sharing the burden of life together and willingly.


The Essentials Of Arranged Marriages

First and foremost, we need to understand what an arranged marriage is, as opposed to a love marriage. In an arranged marriage, the man and woman is either chosen by parents, elders, matchmakers or religious figures. This idea of choosing who should marry whom is meant to guide young people through the process of finding suitable and compatible people to join them together in marry.

Generally, such matching is based heavily on societal considerations as opposed to preexisting mutual attraction. In short “arranged marriages” are usually employed to describe marriages that involve the parents or any other well-wisher within a social setting in a process of selecting a marriage partner for either a young man or a young woman. However rapid societal changes all over the world have complicated parents’ task in selecting suitable partners for their children.

In contemporary Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, where arranged marriages are still very prevalent, there is now a growing perception that arranged marriages are giving way to love marriages due to changing levels of education of populations and the increasing ability of women to exercise their choices. Arranged marriages are sometimes also perceived as a failure on the part of the man or the woman to find someone to marry on their own!

The Basic Ingredients Of Love Marriages

Love marriage is a terminology used mostly in some countries in South Asia, especially, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This marriage is often construed as a marriage based purely on love – with or without the consent of their parents. In short, it is generally used to describe a marriage which was the sole decision of the couples involved and may not have had the blessing of their parents.

These marriages may transcend ethnic, community and religious boundaries because they are based purely on love. Formerly love marriages occurred between acceptable sociocultural backgrounds. Love marriage could also be used to describe a form of marriage that contains elements of both arranged marriages and love marriages. In some cultures, love marriages are often seen as the imposition of the younger generation’s will over the older generation’s wishes.

Forced Marriage – Often Construed as Forced Conjugal Association Or Conjugal Slavery

A Forced marriage is a marriage in which one or more of the parties is married – without his or her consent – or against his or her will. A forced marriage differs from an arranged marriage in which both parties presumably consent to the assistance of their parents or a third party such as a matchmaker in choosing a spouse. There is often a certain amount of coercion used to compel a marriage – ranging from psychological to existential – like subtle psychological pressure to physical violence.

Forced marriage is still practiced in various cultures across the world, particularly in parts of South Asia and Africa. An arranged marriage is not the same as a forced marriage: in the former, the spouse has the possibility to reject the offer; in the latter, they do not. The line between arranged and forced marriage is however often difficult to draw, due to the implied familial and social pressure to accept the marriage and obey one’s parents in all respects.

The 3 Types Of Marriages – Anecdotes

Arranged Marriage: The Al Qahtani family is looking of a wife for their beautiful daughter – Ameera. They hear of a compatible life partner, Yaser, from the Al-Otaibi family. Ameera is eighteen and Yaser is twenty-five. The Qahtanis and the Otaibis are both merchants and landowners. Both Ameera and Yaser are informed about the intention of the two families to join them together in marriage.

An arrangement is made for the both of them to get to know each other. During their meetings, there is always a chaperon to supervise them. After several meetings, Ameerah’s parents asks her if she would accept Yaser for a husband. Her answer seems ambiguous. She is vacillating. Yaser’s parents asks him the same question. He gives an affirmative answer. Ammeera accepts the verdict of her parents. The date is set. Marriage consummated.

Love Marriage: As they sit in a hair salon overlooking the bay area, Jackson sees a girl passing by. He asks his friend Joe, if he knows her. Jackson is in his late twenties. And Cgristina seems to be in her early twenties.

“Yeah. She is the only daughter of Mr. Smith – the grocery store owner around the corner from this salon.” Joe replies.

” I would like to have her for a wife. She has something of the dog in her. ” Jackson says.

” She’s got a boyfriend. And I heard they are getting married after they both graduate from college” Joe says.

” Who is that lucky guy?” Jackson asks with a twisted face,

” He is Robert. He is the son of that woodcutter who lives nearby.”

” OMG! The son of a woodcutter?” Jackson asks with a demeaning tone.

“Yes. I know you are a famous basketball star but that doesn’t qualify you to win her love. She’s already hooked!” Joe asserts.

Jackson wouldn’t accept defeat.

” I’ll visit her family tonight. And later ask her out for dinner.”

To cut the story short, Christina later fell in love with Jackson. They dated for two years, and later got married. It was Christina’s own decision. She dumped Fred and opted for Jackson.

Jackson had good looks and also had the money! Fred too had equally good looks. He was also well-behaved. His only crime was that he was poor. A woodcutter’s son!

A Forced Marriage: He was a droll of a man. He was oddly amusing. Fabulously rich. He could make you laugh by whimsical, eccentric conduct. He was a short and plump person in his mid-fifties. He was bald and had unusually large ears. He liked watching feminine underwear advertisements. He was always looking for a sex angle in any given situation. His ex-wife, Sarah, wasn’t that kind of woman who would forgive her husband his sexual peccadilloes simply because he cherished and provided amply for the family.

She was tall, and shy. Beautiful and fairly educated. She was in her mid-twenties. Her face was round and soft – rather than sophisticated and refined. Her father was a retired school teacher, partly blind, in his late seventies and in debt. Her mother was a housewife.

One hot summer afternoon, There was a timid knock at their door. It was Miss. Nkuta – the matchmaker.

” Where is your Dad”, Miss Nkuta asks.

” He’s taking a shower.” Wynona replies.

” You look so excited. Aren’t you?” Wynona asks.

“Yes. Wynona, I have good news for you.”

“What is it about, News about a job?”

” No. Wynona you really don’t need to work. I have found a gold mine for you already!”

“What is it about? I have found for you a decent husband. He is Mr. Jackson. His wife Sarah divorced him recently, and he’s desperately now looking for another wife!”

“But I …” . Before Wynona completes her sentence, her father steps into the hall and interrupts.

” Miss Nkuta. Thanks so much. I know Mr. Jackson. Wynona has no objection. It’s a done deal.

” Wynona, you know how much we have struggled to get you through college. It’s now time for us to reap the benefits. Look at your dad, He ‘s in debt. I have glaucoma and, we live in a rented apartment. Wouldn’t you like your dad to have his own apartment?” With tears dropping down freely from her wrinkled cheeks, Wynona’s mother appeals to her daughter.

” But Mom…”

“Wynona, the case is closed.” Both parents say in tandem.

Miss. Nkuta thanked Wynona’s parents and lives.

Wynona’s marriage was consummated within the next few months!


At different stages in our lives, we all have to face the real world of love, romance and marriage. They could all be unfair and unkind. Falling in love these days seems to be the hardest thing to do. You really cannot tell who would be the best partner in a marriage or in a romantic affair. It is equally harder to stay aloof from romance or marriage – unless of course – you have taken a vow of celibacy!

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Best Relationship Advice For Women

Sometime ago, a certain Chinese woman threatened to commit suicide on two occasions to get her boyfriend marry her. ” I won’t feel secure unless I get married.” She was heard saying. Firefighters and police officers had to bring her boyfriend to the scene – along with an empty marriage certificate. The woman then asked the officers to be witnesses for the makeshift wedding. The officers had to say yes – to prevent a tragedy. Some women who do not commit suicide sometimes do suffer from depression, some become demented, Indeed, others become confounded and are at a loss as to how to fall out of love.

To some people, falling in love is much easier than falling out of love. These have been some problems associated with unfulfilled romantic relationships. This has often been the case because of the loss of trust between lovers. Needless to say, nowadays, it has become an uphill battle to maintain a true and loving relationship in such a hostile and ungodly environment as we find ourselves. There are a lot of (internet) chat rooms that have created a new generation of “e-lovers”. This has created undesirable concomitants of lovers no longer feeling being secure.

See If They Are Genuine – Rather Than Creating An Illusion

Although, this writer is keenly aware that different women look for different things in a relationship. For instance, some of these could be kindness, humor, looks, money, smarts, status, big sex drive, no sex drive, large family, no family, lovely friends, good taste, a yacht, ability to listen, the gift of gab, multiple degrees, ambition… I will spare you the laundry list. And, also, its often said that what women find appealing is determined by needs, neurosis and background. But how genuine are all these needs? Does it mean that all women now use logic in choosing a partner and not their hearts?

in all cases, try to see if your partner is genuine. Make sure they are not pretending to be what they are not. They should just be themselves. Yes, they may be unable to afford precious gifts but they can obviously afford precious moments. Genuineness is more important than creating an illusion. If they really want to make you feel special, they should just be genuine. If they can’t afford to buy you an expensive diamond ring, they don’t have to sell their kidneys in order to do so. You only have to make sure they can afford precious moments with you.

You do not need a perfect man – do you? You only need a guy who can accept you the way you are and make you feel wanted and special.

How would you know if you are being wanted and being treated special?

  • Do they respect your feelings, your emotions and your family?
  • Do they make you happy, meet you with a big smile that makes you feel confident?
  • Do they listen to you if you start telling them about something that is bothering you?
  • Do they sometimes send you gifts that are unique?
  • Are they willing to give you surprises – taking you on long rides, shopping without prior information?
  • Are they just only interested in ” sliding between the sheets” with you without proposing marriage?
  • Are they generous with giving you compliment for your accomplishments, your style, your beauty or anything about you?

Do Also Make Sure To Understand The Guy

What do you need to know about him?

A lot of things will get the attention of men. Some of them could be – the love of sex, eating, sports, fast cars, new gadgets, watching night baseball, movies, and, understandably, they also like to look at images of beautiful women with nice curves and enticing smiles – whose faces are round and soft – rather than triangular and hardened like granite. For better or worse, all these things will get men’s attention. As true as it sounds, they would also be willing to trade any of those at any moment for a woman who stands, sits, or lies close to them, turns her face toward them and says, “I love you so much. Honey!”

So, if you really do well to let your partner know that you love him, why keep it to yourself – always expecting him to say that to you first? Say it loud : “I love you so much” to your man and see if he isn’t kinder, sweeter and gentler to you the next morning and to everyone else he meets for the rest of the entire day. Do also note the following:

  • Smell good for him.
  • If you are already married to him, redecorate the bedroom and invite him to share a bubble bath.
  • Tell him he’s your best friend, a good lover, handsome and dance with him in the kitchen – even without music!
  • Kiss his neck, bite his earlobe, sneak a kiss and straighten his necktie. Jump in the shower with him.
  • Hold hands and take a walk around the block with him.
  • Do reciprocate all that I recommended above about he making you feel being wanted and being special. Men also want women to make them feel special, wanted, confident and above all have a feeling of security.
  • If he watches porn all the time and fantasizing about sex and if you are his wife give him sexual pleasure he will be happy.
  • If he is jobless, somehow arrange a job for him he will be happy and thankful at the same time.


The guiding principle in all romantic relationship should be true love. The hydra-headed problem is always how to winnow cheese from chalk. It is not this writer’s intention to criticize any relationship – whether real or imagined. But to make a trenchant observation of the sorry state of romantic relationships in this increasingly materialistic world. To be sure, true love and fake love are always going to outplay each other in any given romantic relationship. Regrettably, we all are sometimes held hostage to the true meaning of love. In this regard, we tend to question love throughout life!

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Relationships – Questions And Answers

What is in a relationship? We all question love throughout life – and that is normal!

I Share A Business And Home With My Husband. Yet, I find Myself In A Lopsided Relationship. He Doesn’t Reciprocate My Love For Him Even Slightly

To be sure, there are still people out there who believe perfect marriages are Made In Heaven. The reality is that the maintenance work has to be done right down here! Having said that, do not give up on working to turn him around. Yes, it could be painful, arduous and frustrating. That is the price you would have to pay to keep this marriage intact, He may be suffering from certain insecurities and needs re-assurances from you.

Give him a breathing space. There are always two solutions to one problem. If spoiling him through sex and watching night baseball together fails to work, then try another method. That could be going out – for window shopping or chasing each other around with baseball bats in the woods. Let him understand that there is no Royal Road to love. There should always be a reciprocation – give and take.

I was once by a Rose breeder, that the more thorns a rose has the more beautiful the perfume and the roseand this got me thinking about mending a strained relationship between husband and wife. Strained relationships within a matrimonial home are like weeds growing around a rose flower – they have to be cleared before they outgrow the rose flower. Here you have to tackle two problems – thorns on the rose and weeds growing beneath.

Thorns are great as long as you look at them and think, OK, how can I remove this thorn and move on with ease? Let the thorns stay on the rose as you move forward and remember there are always solutions to every problem, so don’t fret, stay calm and find the solution.

I Suspect My Spouse Is Cheating On Me. Do I Have To Stalk Him To Build A Case Against Him?

If you suspect him, confront him. It may be that you are only being paranoid. He may either confirm or deny it. Almost always he will deny it. But that’s okay. You really don’t need to stalk him or have him stalked. His own conscience will stalk him on your behalf. If he is really cheating on you, guilt and pain will definitely become terrible exchanges for those (often) stolen moments.


He will come up to you one day and confess. Honey! For sometime now, I have cheating on you…kneeling down and with both legs trembling he will ask for your forgiveness. It will then be up to you to either forgive or send him packing. For now, you only have to compare the intensity of your relationship with what it used to be prior to this time of “infidelity”. He may still be clean. Just allow him room to clean up the mess on his own – if he is really cheating on you.

His conscience alone is enough to diminish his aura when he is around you.

When You Marry Someone, Do You Also Have To Help Pay Off The Debts They Brought With Them?

First of all, marriage is a union of two lovers who differ from each other in temperament and characteristics. The fact that you (two) decided to get married, means that you are ready to share each other’s burden. Otherwise what is the reason for this marriage?

To be sure, if either you – wife or husband brings debt into your marriage, you have to consider it as a shared burden. It becomes the responsibility of the both of you. That is another way of showing love to your partner. And those are some things that guarantees a marital bliss – Its by re-assuring him/her that, you will be there for each other.

If I marry you, it means I love you. And if I love you, it means I am ready to share the burden of life with you. What if either of you brings illness into your marriage? You both have to look for a remedy. That is exactly what marriage means.

If I accept to marry you. I must accept to marry your problems. You can’t separate the two – they are like siamese twins. Thinking otherwise wouldn’t be counted as the true union between two individuals who had fallen in love.

He Tells Me He Loves Me. Yet He Tells Me He Needs Time To See If I Am Good Enough For Him.


He wants to spend time with you to really know if you are good enough for him? It is really somewhat fishy. Now how does he want to spend time with you? Having sex and thinking of a serious relationship later? Now what’s in a true love relationship? Dreams and deception?

You better be very circumspect so that you don’t become one of the statistics. There are those women and men who run after very caller and bend in the direction of every wind. If he is serious about your relationship, he has to commit now – not later. Do not allow yourself to be considered a usable and expendable commodity by someone else who would not commit. Do note this: No one takes advantage of you without your permission!

Is Love Marriage Acceptable In Islam?

Why not? Muslims are also encouraged to marry purely based on love for each other. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him), once remarked: “We have not seen anything suitable for lovers other than marriage.” Related by Ibn Majah.This means that – two people will not marry unless they are deeply in love. Or that the climax of every love affair is marriage. Despite the fact that most marriages could be arranged ones, the parties involved still need to consent to the relationship – contrary to forced marriages where both parties have no say. This type of forced marriages are not condoned in Islam.

Can Your Spouse Still Cheat On You Even If You Are Being Faithful

You can only control or regulate what is within your power. It’s not possible to control or regulate what others own. If you in engage in a serious relationship with someone and you are faithful, it doesn’t guarantee that the other partner will reciprocate your faithfulness.

The best way for you to do is communicate more and give your partner the benefit of the doubt. The more intense your communication become, the closer your relationship will get and the less likely they will cheat on you.

A Therapist Is Telling My Girlfriend That It Is Dangerous Her To Be In A Relationship With Me

It is possible that the therapist has discerned some undesirable traits from you. In any case, go with your girlfriend to the therapist inquire why these reservations. Be polite and open to her about you relationship and what it means to you. Seek advice for her’him as to how to better manage your relationship. If s/he is unwilling to tell you anything that therapist may have a problem. Bottom line is, s/he doesn’t know the unseen. Therefore s/he cannot substantiate that claim. S/he might only be trying to scare the daylight out of her for no tangible reason. Who knows, your true and honest relationship with your girl could lead to marriage. Do not pay attention to the therapist – s/he is unwilling to share his or her reservations with you. Remember this: Perfect relationships are made by imperfect people.

So do not pay attention to this scare monger of a therapist. Go ahead and live your dreams and make sure your relationship gets to the point whereby you will think of tying the knot!


Whenever I am With Him, I Experience A Faster Heartbeat. But Still, I Can’t See Us In A Romantic Relationship. Do I Love Him Or Is It Something Else?

It may be that you are only infatuated with him but don’t truly love him. The aroma of Love is pervasive just like rose flowers. When you happen to stand by it, you immediately get attached to it by it’s pleasant aroma. If you can’t see yourself in a romantic relationship with him, then why is it that there is always something “of the dog” in him that makes your heart palpitate whenever you are with him? Try to find several reasons why you can’t still see yourself in a romantic relationship with him. Ask yourself if your reasons are convincing enough. Be honest to yourself.

That admiration or infatuation of yours has not reached the level that one will say you are beginning to fall in love. Falling in love is one thing. And being infatuated is another.

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Love Advice – Questions And Answers

How Do You Know If A Girl Is Perfect For You?

  • Immediately you look at her or think of her you forget all that you had gone through that day and (even) the previous day!
  • Whenever you look into her eyes, she seems to emit ethereal beauty as if not of this world.
  • You find it difficult to fall asleep at night.
  • Whenever you meet face to face, you seem to look like a baby.
  • Your longing for her increases in intensity not decreasing.
  • When you love everything about her face.
  • When you can no longer wait until eternity to tie the knot.
  • When you feel you should hold her tight – squeezing the daylight out of her -. until she cries out loud, honey!
  • Anytime you don’t see her or hear her voice, your eyes begin to have a sleepy look as if you were the victim of a secondary smoke from an opium den!

  • When you realize you will never cheat on her – that no any other woman will ever succeed in seducing you “to slide between the sheets” with her – behind her back!

Would You Rather Chase Or Be Chased In A Relationship?

I will say it all depends upon one word: love. But love is also divided into two basic concepts: True love and Fake love. If you truly love the opposite sex, there will be no time to waste: The love in you would prompt you to act even senselessly! I know there may be cultural barriers to a woman openly expressing her love or admiration toward the opposite sex.

In any case, you cannot pretend that love doesn’t exist in your heart and that you will only wait for the other partner to come “chasing you” We cannot understand the power of love until we  understanding the meaning of love. Now what is love? Love is a word that is being uttered by every human being – sometimes without knowing it’s significance.

True love causes the heart to tremble. It makes the tongue incapable of expressing the true nature of the feelings that are deep-rooted in the innermost recesses of the heart. Love is a word that had lived within the fortress of the heart since the creation of Adam and Eve. It has the attributes of tenderness and affection. True love causes the limbs to speak – both verbally and physically.

A Couple Seeking Divorce On The Grounds Of Compatibility After Having Two Young Kids?

They should downplay the issue of compatibility for the sake of the young kids. They should both remember the time they started dating….when they talked kind words of love to each other…when they looked into each other’s eyes and gave the assurances of love from the bottom of their hearts.

Why would you then come out and talk “compatibility “ after the both of you assured each other that you loved everything about your faces? Why would you utter streams of profanities on each other when during the period of courtship; you talked from your heart into her heart – with that sweet and smooth voice flowing with honey – and as you talked to her, your eyes had a sleepy look as if you were the victim of a secondary smoke from an opium den?

Remember those days and do not let “compatibility” stand in your way. Compatibility can be addressed. Sit down and talk and think in each other’s head. Some people make us believe that good marriages are made in Heaven, but I tell you that, the maintenance work is done right down here!


Is It Acceptable For A 51-year-old Woman To Be In Love With a 26-year-old Man?

Why not? The key word here is love. Do you really love each other? Do remember that “age is only a number”. Marrying a younger man makes you feel rejuvenated! You become younger yourself. A younger man is also capable of “heating up the marital bed” much better than an old-fashioned, over-weight, bald man who might be as unromantic as a Church mouse. Please go ahead with it for the sake of love!

What would it be to have a boyfriend who is actually married?

It only means that you have a “sex partner” and not a “lover”. Nowadays the meaning of love has almost disappeared from our hearts. And “ I love you” has come to acquire the ostensibly meaning of “I need you as a sex partner”. True love has been replaced by fake love. How would you describe your relationship with a married man? And how will a married man also describe his relationship with his mistress? If you truly love her why didn’t you marry her?

Its all happening because these days, some women (and men) run after every caller and bend in the direction of every wind! These are the so-called lovers who distort the true meaning of love. The best thing is for you to get out of this relationship as soon as possible before you get caught by his wife. Do not allow guilt and pain to (one day) become terrible exchanges for some few stolen moments. Do not allow yourself to be taken as a “usable and expendable” commodity by someone else’s husband.

I Fell In Love, But Should I Give It Up Because I am Already Married With 2 kids?

Yes. You have to give it up and stick to your husband. What is that you can get from the other guy that your husband isn’t capable of giving you? Is it the money or “heating up” the marital bed? Discuss honestly with your husband what you feel you are not getting enough of. Or do you feel the other guy is younger and more attractive than your husband? Unless you stop seeing the other guy, guilt, pain and regret will one day be terrible exchanges for some few stolen moments you are able to get with his other guy. Please give it up before its too late.

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Inspirational Quotes About The Love Of A Woman

We often hear inspirational quotes about love in various forms, below are some of the most inspirational ones:

Love is like a chicken soup, because chicken soup is  heartwarming and nourishing just like love

Love can’t be defined, it can only be felt like a volcanic stone heart

Love is like a morning smile

Love is when there is no time

Love is like the long wait for eternity

Love is like a woman in one touch

Love is blind

And I love her and she loves me, and her she camel loves my camel


In the rush to seeking a true lover in romantic relationships, sometimes the process of savoring the true meaning of love is sacrificed for big and well-decorated wedding cakes!

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Free Short Love Stories

How many husbands today would sweep their wives up into their hands, squeeze the breath out of them (and in an ecstasy of delight), cry out aloud – I love you Honey!.

She Divorced Her Husband For The Lack Of Foreplay

A young Muslim woman I met some years ago divorced her ‘father-husband’ – a term I employ to refer to a man whose daughter is older than his wife. For instance, a 56 year-old man married to a 16 year-old kid. She complained that, anytime they wanted to have sex, the man only recited the expression Bismillaaha Qur’anic expression meaning “In The Name Of Allah” – and the pounces on her without any foreplay.

Essentially, he was not romantic. Although, it is highly recommended that, Muslims, before undertaking any action (even including making love to each other), repeat this expression. This man erroneously thought that saying Bismallaah alone did the trick! He was dead wrong! And, although, divorce should be avoided as much as possible, a Muslim woman has the right to seek divorce due to the lack of sexual satisfaction. This young woman did exactly that.

The Story Of The Three Love “Porcupines”

An African man I met intimated to me that he often beats up his wife if he wanted to make love to her. He had two wives at the time. When I asked him his reason for doing that, he said his second wife was often very stubborn. But does this problem exist in Africa alone? Also do consider this Chinese saying: “If you do not beat up you wife every three days, she will start tearing up the roof tiles.” Meaning that a wife not frequently beaten is a wife out of control.

It’s so amazing! Wife beating before sex and wife beating to assert effective control over her. Here is a Cambodian man who was so infuriated when he came home and found his wife out and no lunch served on the table. He set fire to the family house and burnt it to the ground. The 37 year-old husband torched his house to teach his wife a lesson. He then turned himself in to the police. The man was then temporarily detained in a local police jail – where he was assured of regular meals. One can imagine what would have happened had this man met his wife inside the family home.

Its’s Either Four Cows Before Marriage Or Nothing Else – After all He Is An Illiterate

“I will never marry that man, Mr. Ifeanyichukwu : if he fails to at least dole out four cows as a marriage gift to me… after all he’s an illiterate”. Ngozi a female college graduate from Nigeria asserted with confidence.

“Then why do you even think of marrying him – knowing very well that he’s an illiterate; or is it because he ‘s famously rich?” A true love advocate questioned Ngozi.

“No”. Ngozi denied.

Digressing from the conversation a bit, this true love advocate asked:

“Ngozi, what’s the meaning of this name? I know most of these names from your part of the world has profound meanings.”

“It translates in the Igbo dialect as ‘nothing is too big for God to do'”

“How about yours, Ngozi?”

“It means ‘Blessing'”.

Switching back to their original conversation, The questioner asked:

“But what has four cows got to do with your love for Mr. Ifeanyichukwu who is rich but illiterate?” The questioner insisted.

An eerie silence ensued. The questioner continued:

” Choose one: Four cows or your true love for Mr. Ifeanyichukwu. You can’t eat your cake and have it.

“But are you sure I will get true love from Mr. Ifeanyichukwu? Hmm…these rich men…my asking him to pay four cows is customary; it’s not me who is demanding them for myself; They are meant for the ‘elders’, and for our customary rites – not for me Ngozi.” She insisted.

The questioner began to look pensive when he heard what she had said about elders and customary rites.

Ngozi continued: ” I swear if he fails to pay four cows as a dower, all my love for him will disappear…he must give out those four cows or else…”

At this point the questioner became so shocked that he ended the conversation.

What should true lovers do if there happen to be a clash between customs and true love? Why did Ngozi even consider marrying this man despite the fact that they were incompatible intellectually, physically and socially? This was a young trendy and beautiful graduate from an American University vis-à-vis an old; bald-headed; old fashioned; big belly; and illiterate man.

Was that because Mr. Ifeanyichukwu was famously rich, or was it because Ngozi was sure of having financial security by getting married to this man? If Ngozi finally decides to marry Mr. Ifeanyichukwu, what would be the fate of her boyfriend whose intention – so far – isn’t matrimonial? Will Ngozi succeed in killing two birds with one stone?

That is marrying Mr. Ifeanyichukwu and still holding fast to her boyfriend? To be sure, Ngozi wasn’t bothered about having a secure and loving relationship with this man. She was afraid her friends would ridicule her for accepting something less for her dower and for agreeing to marry such an old-fashioned man who looked as unromantic as a Church mouse!

This man, Mr Ifeanyichukwu too was so resolute in his refusal to pay four cows as a marriage gift to his “sweetheart” Ngozi. He was so rich that he could even have afforded to buy her a BMW saloon car! Undoubtedly, this could have given her some sort of re-assurance about his love for her. My own guess was that Mr. Ifeanyichukwu was reserving the gift of a BMW saloon car for a rainy day – to see if Ngozi truly loved him.

He knew he couldn’t have avoided offering Ngozi a marriage gift. But the idea of four cows bothered him so much. The million dollar question now hanging on this writer’s lips is this: Who appears to be the true lover? Is it Mr. Ifeanyichukwu or Ngozi? It is left to the reader to decide.

True Love Is The Actual Casualty

It is small wonder that the true meaning of love has been lost in this present day. Looking at the three stories narrated above, the casualty here has been true love. Why do we feel so shy about admitting being in love with someone we think he is of a lower status in society? Why do we often feel shy to admit that we have been bought with love and not with money or status?

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Short Inspirational Stories About Love

As a newly-wed, the memories of a sweet and simple wedding has passed. But has it carried along with it that love which has existed between them long this wedding? Has the throbbing pulse of love, tenderness, affection vanished after the wedding night? This was a woman who exhibited all the ingredients of true love. Indeed, she had a firm grip of the rules of the game in her marriage life; she was diplomatic and considerate toward her husband.

This was a story narrated by the Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him), to his companions The Prophet said: “I inquired from a certain woman whose husband was a woodcutter about how she treated her husband and she explained as follows:”

Inspirational Love Story Of A Woodcutter’s Wife

She revealed that her husband was a woodcutter – That he used to gather woods from the mountains. He would then send them into the market to sell. She said he then used his earnings to buy what they needed in their home. This woman then narrates how she used to bear with her husband that sort of hardship he had to go through for the sake of their livelihood. She also did feel (within her) the severity of the thirst he had to endure in the mountain – that almost always scorched her throat too.

Due to this, she always made sure she prepared for him a good drinking water – so that anytime he came back, he would find it readily available. She emphasized that before her husband comes home, she would tidy up the home – keeping every thing in their rightful place – then set the table.

Then she continued: “After all these, I then put on my most beautiful dress – waiting for his return and, as soon as he enters, I would welcome him in such a manner as a bride would do for a bridegroom with whom she was deeply in love. I would do this in a total subjugation of myself.” She then intimated that whenever her husband needed rest, she would aid him unto it; then when he needed her, she would fall into his arms (allowing him to play with her) in such a manner as a father would play with his little girl.

This poor and hard-working woodcutter of a man had to endure the scorching sun of Arabia up in the mountains, just to be able to fend for his family. His loving wife did her part in providing him with a relaxed and convenient ambiance. To be sure, there are still other men who would go to that extent to earn their livelihood in order to support their loved families. How about the women? Would they also as well, try to reciprocate the hard work done by their husbands in order to keep their families intact?

Flirtations between a man and his wife are an indication of the continuation of love. After all, love is like a flower, that needs to be watered constantly. The “water” for this flower should be flirting with each other. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him), described a man who shies away from having fun with his wife as cruel.

I See Why People Mistake Him For My Father- A Narrative

I never bothered to call him, and he didn’t either. What would we have to say to each other over the phone, anyway? ” Do we miss each other, honey? Or do you miss our daughter Nadia?” I just knew he would be coming to see Nadia off. She was going to go abroad. I needed to see him face-to-face anyway, look him in the eyes to see if I see any remorse, any signs of regret or shame. The doorbell is ringing. Nadia is talking on the phone. Before I even ask her to know who is on the line, I open the door. My estranged husband, Mr. Ambrose Al -Hassan, alias Mr. AA, is trying to embrace me. I slam the door on his face.

“Hello, Amanda, where is Nadia?” He shouts from outside.

“She’s on the phone in her bedroom.” I say. I walk into the kitchen to turn off the cooker. I hear him say as he keeps insisting I should let him in.

“She’ll be fine where ever she goes.” He says.

“Spare me, would you, Mr. AA. I’ve got a lot to do right now before Nadia’s departure.” Upon a second thought, I open the door. I hear him enter the living room. Feel him standing behind me. When I turn to face him, I realize he is looking tired and washed-out. He looks much older than sixty-five. He is only 45. Five years older me. I see why people often mistake him for my father. But at the moment he just looks pitiful. Like a stray and hungry dog. But I don’t feel sorry for him one bit, because he’s not a stray dog. He’s the man who left me for another woman without any reason.

“I will go to Church with you tomorrow to meet Pastor John Walters.” He cries out.

“What did you just say?” I ask.

“I wish to meet Pastor John Walters, for counseling for my behavior. To stop it. So I never have to leave you again. I didn’t mean to do what I’ve done.”

“Are you coming to see Nadia off or you are coming to put up with me?” I say.

“I can’t leave this house again.” He says.

“You’ll have to, when I call the cops.” I say.

“Please don’t, Amanda. I’m begging you not to, please. It could destroy my reputation. The reputation I’ve worked so hard to maintain.” He pleads.

“What reputation? Your reputation of being addicted to fast women and fast cars? You should have thought about your reputation before leaving me for the third time. You only need me when you’re in trouble or broke.”

“I did think about it.”

“Oh, you thought about it, and your brain gave you the go ahead, is that so?”

“No. I mean, I wasn’t literally thinking properly when I used to do all that I did. That’s now the whole issue.”

“What in the world would compel you to do what you did. Are you not a practicing Muslim man who is supposed to know better?”

“I don’t know.”

“And then keep doing it?”

“Amanda, I honestly don’t know.”

“Think about it for a moment! If you don’t know, who the hell does?”

“Eh! Are you now dating one of those actors?”

“What did you just say?”

“I mean are you now having an actor boyfriend?”

“I guess so.”

“Oh, really!”

“Are you jealous?”

“I’m not jealous. Just asking.” He just shakes his head.

“You’ve appetite for actors. By the way, where is that actor of a guy?

“He’ll be coming today to see Amanda off.”

“What? To see my daughter off. Is out of his mind?”

“No, it’s rather you who is out of your mind.”

“I’m going to wait to see who this guy is.”

“You’ll surely meet him. He’s a true lover. Not your kind.”

“Don’t annoy me further.” He says.

“I’m not afraid of annoying the day light out of you.”

“I know that. But I keep hoping you’ll not. Look. Amanda, what I did to you in the past is regrettable and I want to get help.”

I fold my arms, wishing they were baseball bats, so that I punch him in his face.

“I know the magnitude of what I’ve done to you. It was wrong, and I can promise you that it will never happen again.” He says.

“Oh so you expect me to believe you just like that?”

“Yes. I am pretty sure about that.”

“Let me ask you something, Mr. AA. Did you do this to your other women, too?”

“Yes, but I’m not going back to any one of them again. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Oh, so you want come live with me again?”

“Yes. Pretty sure”

I try to stop the tears, but I can’t control it. I wish this was all just a bad dream, and when the alarm bell rings, it’ll all be over. I loved this man hard, but right now, I don’t love any part of him. He used to make me feel protected and safe. Anytime he came back to me after having been dumped by his other women, I accepted him back. Not this time again. All I want right now is for him to leave Nadia and myself alone.

“Get out of my face and out of here before I call the cops.”

He picks up his walking stick and jacket on the sofa. He waggles out of the door. It’s the last time I will ever see him.

Was it terribly inconsiderate of Amanda to send away the man she loved so dearly? And why should Mr. AA even bother going back to the woman he left on three  occasions? Could he be trusted this time?

You are welcome to leave your comments below.


Stories Of Women Infidelity – An Appraisal

In his book (Kitaabul Aghani) , the Books Of Songs, Al Asfahani, relates the story of a Woman’s infidelity in a love triangle between Majnoon (a lunatic), Layla, and her husband. In it, we are told of how Majnoon was madly in love with Layla. Majnoon had met Layla on several occasions before, and even after her marriage to another man. The love between them was so intense that, after Layla’s husband and father traveled out of town, Layla sent her slave-girl to fetch her lover Majnoon. He spent the night with her but was sent away before sunrise. Every time and before she had Majnoon sent away, she would say to him: “Come to me every night as long as the travelers have not returned.”

As one would expect, Majnoon continued to see Layla nightly until the travelers returned. It could be said that Majnoon did what he did because he could not get married to Layla. But after her marriage to another man, wouldn’t it have been proper for him to transfer his love to another woman other than Layla? On the other hand, why did Layla, despite her love for Majnoon, failed to marry him? Was she afraid she would be scoffed at, for getting married to a lunatic? It was strange that she would allow him to sneak into her matrimonial home during the darkness of the night to make love to her, but would also make him slip away before sunrise to avoid detection.

What Was So Special About Majnoon That Drove Layla Crazy

The forces that drive us sexually remain among the most baffling aspects of our lives. Why, in the midst of a perfectly happy and satisfying relationship, do we sometimes get an incredibly strong urge to be unfaithful? Layla preferred only to have sex with Majnoon but not to marry him. The question is, what was so special about Majnoon, the lunatic, that drove Layla into infidelity? Was Layla’s husband incapable of satisfying her sexual cravings? How could a lunatic manage to “heat up” Layla’s marital bed in a way that was much better than her sane husband?

There are no easy answers available. One of the probable answers could have been that, this lunatic was more adept at foreplay than Layla’s sane husband – thus the reason for her behavior. She preferred Majnoon for sex, but lived with her husband for security and dignity.

There may be many other “Laylas” and “Majnoons” within and outside the “Presidential Palaces Of Love” There are married women who would not divorce their husbands, but at the same time would like to hold fast to their Majnoons. Husbands for security and dignity, and Majnoons for sex!

We are all still confronted with a dilemma: Is love really blind as some often do say? If that was the case, why, didn’t Layla marry Majnoon and forget about the world around her – even if her husband wore torn clothes and gathered bones around him? When should we draw the line between love and sex? This writer believes that, the Royal Highway of true love should always end in the Royal City of marriage. Should this Royal Highway of true love fall short of reaching this City, will that still be called true love?

Majnoon Wore Torn Clothes And Gathered Bones Around Him

Majnoon’s infatuation for Layla was so intense that he gave up the five daily prayers – all Muslims are obligated to perform five daily prayers. His love for Layla has supplanted his fear of God. This is what the narrator tells us in his book: ” He did not put on any garment – unless he has already torn it into pieces; he did not walk in the streets – unless he was stark naked; he played with earth, and gathered bones around him; yet, if you mentioned Layla to him, he would become boisterous; and would begin to narrate to you every detail about her. But if you asked him: “Why did you give up the five daily prayers, he would not utter a single word…”

Nothing is more distasteful (to this writer) than that entire complacency and satisfaction that beam in the countenances of a newly-married couple. That complacency and satisfaction shown by newly-weds could soon change into diffidence and frustration if the foundation of this marriage is deficient in true love. There are sufficient reasons for every one involved in a romantic relationship to remain circumspect – and avoid complacency. The challenge always will be how to create the good times for true lovers, and get these good times rolling for years on end?

Is this way a love affair should be conducted? if it were to be this case, then customs and values would be lost among people. And all that is known as congeniality, affection, compassion, and tenderness would have been lost. Consequently, lovers would have lost that deep-rooted trust and tranquility, they aspire for, in romantic relationships. Couples are expected to grow together – not grow apart. Question is, how could Majnoon and Layla ever grow together?

We All Question Love Throughout Life

No matter who will fall in love with, we all face the dilemmas of love. To be sure, most of us question love throughout life. “Does my husband really love me? Won’t he abandon me in the course of time for a much younger woman? These days he always returns late from work …and when I attempt to ask him why, he yells at me, is he having an affair?’ One housewife lamented.” This could have been another man’s complaint about his wife.


There are sufficient reasons for married couples to remain circumspect and avoid complacency. The challenge is always how to create the good times for true lovers and also keep the good times rolling for years on end. It all boils down to three basic facts: Who gets what, when and how in a spousal relationship? The who, when and how questions, if handled adeptly, will definitely create the good times – not only that – it will also keep the good times rolling for years on end. In a spousal relationship, who gets the sex, the care, the respect, the warmness and consideration? When does he or she wants to have them? How does he or she wants to have them?

Feel free to leave your comments below.