Mastering The Art Of Love And Sex – A Closer Look

Although human relationships have been categorized into many types, relationships with the opposite sex have been the most common in all cultures under the sun. As far as romantic relationships are concerned, they are the same in the West and in the East. Let’s see romance as it is today.

Differences in romantic relationships however, would not fail to exist in terms of longevity, closeness and intensity. The words “love” and “sex” are used so freely these days that they may not necessarily indicate a dichotomy between an amorous relationship – whereby one partner is only considered as a “usable and expendable commodity”, and an intimate companionship – whereby the ultimate goal is matrimony. It all boils down to how we master  the art of love and sex.

Love and Sex – Conjoined Or Separate Twins?


Matters that touch on ” the area below the waste” as Japanese say, should better be left unsaid and so on. However, people obsessed by sexuality often complain that ” sex, is a perverse little devil” and that the minute you ignore it, it has a serious temper tantrum and tries every trick in the book to get your attention; unless of course, according to them, you suffer from a sex sickness – or that you are sick of sex.

In any case, sexual stirrings tend to have an inordinate influence over our lives – not necessarily in the expression of  the act itself, but in the yearning, scheming, talking about and even ruing it. Yet, despite all the attention, the forces that drive us usually remain among the most baffling aspects of our lives. Why, in the midst of a perfectly happy and satisfying relationship, do we sometimes get an incredibly strong urge to be unfaithful?

To be sure, many of our youth today are confused at telling between LOVE and SEX. In other words, they find it difficult to master the art of love and sex. To be sure, there are millions of men and women today who only have sex partners and not lovers. To them, “I love you” has acquired an ostensible meaning of ” I need you to satisfy my sexual cravings”.

The Distortion Of The Meaning Of Love

No matter who we fall in love with, we all face the dilemma of love. To be sure, most of us question love throughout life. “Does my husband really love me? These days, he always returns home late from work…and when I attempt to ask him why, he yells at me. Is he having an affair?” One housewife lamented.

“Is my boyfriend serious about marriage? Why is it that, anytime I bring about the subject of marriage he tries to change the topic. Yet, every morning, he tells me he feels like a robin that has just caught to first worm of spring, and that he loves me more that the previous day…., yet, he only takes interest in “sliding between the sheets with me”. Another woman complained bitterly.

In a recent survey, only a few number of respondents thought it was still wrong to have sexual acts even if the partners loved each other. Meaning that, majority thought it was alright to have sex if love was the basis for that behavior. In order to understand how love has changed in recent times, it is better to cast a quick glance at what love meant during past centuries.

The True Meaning Of Love

Love is a common word that is being uttered by every human being – sometimes without knowing its true significance. True love causes the heart to tremble, it makes the tongue incapable of expressing the true nature of the feelings that are deep-rooted in the innermost recesses of the heart. Love is a word that obtained the status of sweetness since the beginning of mankind. It is an expression of the feeling of tenderness and affection. It has no any other abode except inside the heart.

True love makes the limbs speak either verbally or physically. The Creator implanted love inside the hearts of humans and other animals since He created them. In order that it (love) helps them in facing the vicissitudes of life on Earth, and also help them face every difficulty. Romantic love could be categorized into two basic degrees of intensity true love and fake love. Without true romance, marriage is a lot like an old habit. True love is the most intense. And it springs forth from the innermost core of the heart. Fake love is of a lower intensity. It may only be ostentatious and may not have a place inside the heart. It’s the worst form of love.

We Often Say “Yes” To Love Too Soon And “No” To Sex Too Late

Some challenges we often face in any romantic relationship is saying “Yes” to love too soon and “No” to sex too late – after we have been hurt. In other words, we often find it difficult to master the art of love and sex. One is compelled to ask: “Is there any wall or should there be a wall between love and sex? And if there is any, how thick should that wall be? In this writer’s view, there is only a thin wall between love and sex – the CONDOM.

If we, as human beings are unable to answer such questions honestly, then how can we claim to be better than animals? Here and there, we find 13 year-old girls being asked to “dole out” sex as  birthday gifts to their boyfriends, and a group of girls not being able to differentiate between love and sex. This writer is among the very few in the world who believe that Love Education should replace Sex Education.

Whether one is an atheist, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Hindu, belongs to Islam; a Jew, believes in Shintoism; a Taoist; or a Zoroastrian, we all have the responsibility to re-discover the meaning of love, re-package it, and sell it skillfully to coming generations. There is a movement among the unmarried public called “the new celibacy,” that stresses companionship without sex. One gets the feeling that these movements will be short-lived especially if they are devoid of divine guidance.


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