Love And Sex Relationships – A Distortion Of Reality

To be sure, history has never witnessed the sort of love and sex relationships we are witnessing in the present era. True love has disappeared from the hearts of most people, and the meaning of this word, “love” has lost its significance and glory. It seems to this writer that, true love, may have been, to a certain extent, displaced by fake love. As a result, the word “love” has become adorned with beautiful colors of deception and tricks.

It seems that this word is now being employed to plunder, kidnap or rape others. A lot of people may have already been victimized by love! There are some who are silently eating the bitter fruits of fake love; they are indeed forced to swallow them; despite the fact that they are covered with “thorns”, Fake love is always devoid of honesty and purity. So now where has true love ’emigrated’ to? To the cemeteries! Perhaps.

Distortion of The Natural Bond Between Love And Sex

in order to demonstrate how the meaning of love has been distorted over a very long period, I would like to allude to certain incidents in the past. And, although some may appear offensive to the reader, for the purpose of illustration, it will still be worthwhile to mention them. As a high school student growing up, I had a friend who happened to be my senior. I will call him Joe (not his real name). Joe was a real womanizer who admitted to me that fornication was indeed in his blood, and for that reason he would not make any attempt to ever resist it.

Joe said in his quest to satisfy himself sexually, the looks of a woman/girl bothered him not. According to him, even if a woman/girl had very bad looks, he wouldn’t mind using a piece of cloth to cover her face during a sexual encounter – his main goal was to derive satisfaction – and that he wouldn’t allow a woman’s bad looks to be a deterrent. There may be several Joes lurking in dark corners all across the globe?

In this our modern world why should the relationship between love and sex so distorted? Has the true meaning of love disappeared from our classrooms?

The Office of Sex Administration – Another Blatant Distortion

There was another guy, I will call him Jonas (not his real name). He wasn’t different from Joe. He was equally lecherous like him. However, he had a different modus operandi. He once showed me a book he called “The Register”. This “register” contained the names of all his girlfriends across the country. It documented the number of times he had slept with each of them. If my memory serves me right, I counted about fifteen girls in that “register”.

As I browsed through it, I realized he had written 15 beside the name of a certain girl. “What does the number 15 mean?” I asked Jonas. He said that indicated he had slept with that girl 15 times. There were figures attached to all the names of those girls in his so-called register. What was so annoying to me was the fact that, he wrote these words boldly on the entrance leading to his bedroom – “The Office Of Sex Administration”. Jonas could not be easily persuaded to give up his sexual escapades. To him, there was only a very thin wall between love and sex.

After all, who complains of being a youth during which time the exhilaration of life is felt in the very bones?

Putting Rose Petals On The Bed – A Young Boy’s Idea About Sex

In her letter to an advice column, one American woman had this to say about her 13 year-old daughter: ” I am a 29 year-old single mother of a 13 year-old daughter. When people do the math, its clear that I myself was a teen at the time of her birth. Now that my daughter is a teen, I constantly worry about her having sex and getting pregnant. I have conversations with her periodically about safe sex and abstinence. And I know she doesn’t want to hear about it.

She continued: “But I still continue to stress the issue. She tells me she isn’t interested in sex and isn’t interested in boys right now. Up until recently. I had no reason to disbelieve her. However, one day, my daughter was talking on the phone and I just felt the need to pick up the phone and eavesdrop. She was talking to a boy.” The writer continued: ” I know this boy’s family, so I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. I was wrong.”

“He was talking about getting an apartment with her and going out to dinner and then coming home to their apartment and putting rose petals on the bed.

He was also asking her how many kids she would like to have. My daughter responded by telling him she didn’t know because she is still set on going to school to be a doctor after she graduates from college. After this, he tells her that she won’t have to worry about going to college, because he will go for the both of them. So she can stay at home and be a housewife.”

The writer continued: ” He then goes on about how his birthday is coming, and he would like her to have sex with him as a present. She then said she really doesn’t want to talk about sex. When I asked her later who was on the phone, she said it was her cousin. ” She signed off as a Worried Mom. 


Now, how many couples go out to dinner, return to their apartment, and scatter rose petals on their bed? This, undoubtedly is a young boy’s idea of sex. In his seduction spiel, the young boy goes as far as promising his lover that he would go to college for the both of them! One might be compelled to ask: “Is there a WALL or should there be a WALL between LOVE and SEX?

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