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Although human relationship may be categorized into many types, relationships with the opposite sex have been the most common in all cultures under the sun. This relationship could be a platonic one; it could also be a romantic one – as short as a one night stand. It’s well-known that the romantic one could be the sweetest. As far as romantic relationships are concerned, they are the same in the East and in the West. Differences however, would not fail to exist with respect to their longevity, closeness and intensity.

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Below are some questions and answers that could go a long way toward helping the reader get a handle on relationships between the opposite sex.


I Feel My Ex Girlfriend Still Loves Me. I Can See All The Signs. Is It Possible That She Is Hiding Her Feelings?


To be gin with, what was your main reason for the breakup? Was it due to quarrels over money, lack of attention or for cheating? In any case, if you (in your own mind) think she is still in love with you why don’t you go forward and ask her about her feelings toward you? You can’t afford to make assumptions about love – you need to be smart about it. You need to be sure that’s actually the case.

On the other hand, if she’s actually hiding her feelings from you that wouldn’t help her either. She needs to come out of the “love closet” and proclaim her love to you openly and fearlessly. Love is not something to be ashamed of, or to be scared of expressing it to someone you love.

If you believe that “all the signs” of love are there (hidden) in your ex, and yet she is not coming forth, then you have to step forward and reclaim her heart before it’s way too late!

Yes! Women prefer men of substance, men who are bold enough to come forward, men who are daring, and above all men who are bold enough to always say to them : Darling I am sorry. It was all my fault! Love you more and not less.”

It could be that your intention toward her isn’t matrimonial. If your intention is matrimonial why don’t you go reclaim her – making her understand that, this time around you mean to be with her for the rest of your lives – not just a hanky-panky relationship.


Does Anyone Still Believe In Love Relationship And Marriages?


To be sure, I am a strong believer in love, relationship and marriage. Yes in that order of preference. If you love someone of the opposite sex, your longing for them increases, this leads to an automatic relationship, that is often authenticated by marriage. To this writer, every relationship is considered deficient if it does not crown with marriage.

Marriage is what we often find at the top of the proverbial Love Mountain. In the reverse order there can’t be a happy marriage without a loving and kind relationship between the partners involved; and that sort of substantial relationship will be possible if there exists true love between the couples.

There are many reasons for people to engage in relationships and possibly marriages:

  • Marriage for love, protection and security – whatever kind security is applicable here.
  • Marriage for sexual health and purity.
  • Marriage in order to raise a family.
  • Marriage for companionship.
  • There is no human being on earth unless they have an iota of love in their hearts. That love could be imagined or real. And with that love comes a desire, and that desire leads to relationship in which a lot of good things happen for both partners. All in all, these partners together work on creating the good times and keeping these good times rolling for years on end. You can never create the good times if your heart is devoid of true love.


What Are Those Five Qualities You Would Like Your Future Husband To Possess?

Qualities that one needs to see in his or her future spouse may differ profoundly from one person to another.

In his letter to an advice column, one American man wrote: “…I’m at the end of my tether and not sure what to do. Basically, my question is, what exactly is it that women in my generation are looking for? I’m a 23 year-old law student and political activist who also loves ballroom, dancing and classical music. Everyone tells me I’m a great listener, and I put other people first. After all this, not only have I had a date in years, but also women don’t even give me a look. When I asked my women friends, they tell me that any woman would be lucky to have me…but no one is interested. Any idea of what I may be missing to make my generation swoon?” He then signed off as – Lovesick Legal Eagle. The answers given to this “LLE” were even more interesting.

The answer to the young man – Mr. “LLE” was : ” Different women look for different things, my friend, among them kindness, humor, looks, money, smarts, status, cars, big sex drive, no sex drive, large family, no family, lovely friends, good taste, a yacht, ability to listen, the gift of gab, multiple degrees, ambition… I will spare you the laundry list. What women find appealing is determined by needs, neurosis and background….”

It’s therefore safe to conclude that people now use logic – not their hearts in choosing a partner. Despite this, the alarming divorce rate all over the world is causing lots of social upheavals. The ever-increasing divorce rate world-wide translates to the fact that lovers have now become incapable of spicing up their love lives, and therefore, has given divorce a free rein. If, in the first place, your relationships was built on a sand dune of true love – then no any amount of rain water can inundate it. It will soak any volume of water that comes its way! Now ask your self: Is your current relationship built upon a sand dune of true love?


Marriage Is Hard Work, But When Does It Become Too Much Work That It’s No Longer Worth It?


Marriage has become work (and even so much work) and no longer worth it because – in this Age, young men often hanker after beautiful women – forgetting that beauty is only skin deep. Young women also hanker after wealth. The type of true love that is supposed to lead lovers toward matrimony has fallen in standard It has indeed reached its lowest level whereby a lover is only interested in hankering after materialism and carnal desires. In this Age, some fake lovers are now putting on a veneer of piety and respectability in order to hypnotize others in search of true love. Their masquerading as true lovers is soon exposed once they achieve their goals – leaving the other partner in limbo.

They then go around claiming that marriage isn’t even worth it anymore. With true love the stress of marriage life will be overcome. And true love is like a flower that needs to be watered (and nurtured) every morning for it to flourish. But if we all take true love for a ride – hoping that it does the magic by itself, then our marriages will be moving in the wrong direction.

Growing old together in love and marriage

Even if marriages are arranged in Heaven as some people believe, I can confidently tell you that the maintenance work must be done right down here on earth!



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