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How Do You Know If A Girl Is Perfect For You?

  • Immediately you look at her or think of her you forget all that you had gone through that day and (even) the previous day!
  • Whenever you look into her eyes, she seems to emit ethereal beauty as if not of this world.
  • You find it difficult to fall asleep at night.
  • Whenever you meet face to face, you seem to look like a baby.
  • Your longing for her increases in intensity not decreasing.
  • When you love everything about her face.
  • When you can no longer wait until eternity to tie the knot.
  • When you feel you should hold her tight – squeezing the daylight out of her -. until she cries out loud, honey!
  • Anytime you don’t see her or hear her voice, your eyes begin to have a sleepy look as if you were the victim of a secondary smoke from an opium den!

  • When you realize you will never cheat on her – that no any other woman will ever succeed in seducing you “to slide between the sheets” with her – behind her back!

Would You Rather Chase Or Be Chased In A Relationship?

I will say it all depends upon one word: love. But love is also divided into two basic concepts: True love and Fake love. If you truly love the opposite sex, there will be no time to waste: The love in you would prompt you to act even senselessly! I know there may be cultural barriers to a woman openly expressing her love or admiration toward the opposite sex.

In any case, you cannot pretend that love doesn’t exist in your heart and that you will only wait for the other partner to come “chasing you” We cannot understand the power of love until we  understanding the meaning of love. Now what is love? Love is a word that is being uttered by every human being – sometimes without knowing it’s significance.

True love causes the heart to tremble. It makes the tongue incapable of expressing the true nature of the feelings that are deep-rooted in the innermost recesses of the heart. Love is a word that had lived within the fortress of the heart since the creation of Adam and Eve. It has the attributes of tenderness and affection. True love causes the limbs to speak – both verbally and physically.

A Couple Seeking Divorce On The Grounds Of Compatibility After Having Two Young Kids?

They should downplay the issue of compatibility for the sake of the young kids. They should both remember the time they started dating….when they talked kind words of love to each other…when they looked into each other’s eyes and gave the assurances of love from the bottom of their hearts.

Why would you then come out and talk “compatibility “ after the both of you assured each other that you loved everything about your faces? Why would you utter streams of profanities on each other when during the period of courtship; you talked from your heart into her heart – with that sweet and smooth voice flowing with honey – and as you talked to her, your eyes had a sleepy look as if you were the victim of a secondary smoke from an opium den?

Remember those days and do not let “compatibility” stand in your way. Compatibility can be addressed. Sit down and talk and think in each other’s head. Some people make us believe that good marriages are made in Heaven, but I tell you that, the maintenance work is done right down here!


Is It Acceptable For A 51-year-old Woman To Be In Love With a 26-year-old Man?

Why not? The key word here is love. Do you really love each other? Do remember that “age is only a number”. Marrying a younger man makes you feel rejuvenated! You become younger yourself. A younger man is also capable of “heating up the marital bed” much better than an old-fashioned, over-weight, bald man who might be as unromantic as a Church mouse. Please go ahead with it for the sake of love!

What would it be to have a boyfriend who is actually married?

It only means that you have a “sex partner” and not a “lover”. Nowadays the meaning of love has almost disappeared from our hearts. And “ I love you” has come to acquire the ostensibly meaning of “I need you as a sex partner”. True love has been replaced by fake love. How would you describe your relationship with a married man? And how will a married man also describe his relationship with his mistress? If you truly love her why didn’t you marry her?

Its all happening because these days, some women (and men) run after every caller and bend in the direction of every wind! These are the so-called lovers who distort the true meaning of love. The best thing is for you to get out of this relationship as soon as possible before you get caught by his wife. Do not allow guilt and pain to (one day) become terrible exchanges for some few stolen moments. Do not allow yourself to be taken as a “usable and expendable” commodity by someone else’s husband.

I Fell In Love, But Should I Give It Up Because I am Already Married With 2 kids?

Yes. You have to give it up and stick to your husband. What is that you can get from the other guy that your husband isn’t capable of giving you? Is it the money or “heating up” the marital bed? Discuss honestly with your husband what you feel you are not getting enough of. Or do you feel the other guy is younger and more attractive than your husband? Unless you stop seeing the other guy, guilt, pain and regret will one day be terrible exchanges for some few stolen moments you are able to get with his other guy. Please give it up before its too late.

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