Free Love And Relationship Advice – Avoiding The Traps

There should be a safe passage through which lovers should take during their journey of love. This passage should’t be serpentine, this should be aimed at preventing lovers from falling into pitfalls during their journey toward marriage. Therefore, its imperative that once the aura of love begins to make rounds between two people belonging to the opposite sex, there should be a need to effect a marriage contract – if they truly love each other and their goal is matrimony.

There shouldn’t be the need to waste too much time and indulge oneself in reexamining the relationship over and over. The reason is that, at this moment, its worthwhile to let the heart take charge and not the head. One might say: ” I do not know this man very well, and he doesn’t also know me very well too. I do intend to get more acquainted with his habit or his lifestyle. I wish to befriend him for a while!” A young man in love might also delay marriage for the same reason.

Some Risks Involved Is The likelihood Of One Partner Attempting Or Actually Committing Suicide

What if, after being together for a long time, one partner decides that the other partner is no longer suitable for this journey and decides to abandon him or her there and then? Now would you chose to abandon your partner mid-way after they have already made up their mind to be with you forever and hope to realize their dreams by your side? Would anyone accept such a treatment for their sister or brother? In today’s Information Age, how many engaged couples have abandon each other half-way through the journey of love for one reason or another?

This phenomenon has resulted in many men and women committing suicide or attempting to do so. In my free love and relationship advice, I would like to allude to this true story in order to buttress my point. Few years back, a Taiwanese woman attempted to commit suicide on two occasions – in an attempt to get her boyfriend marry her. ” I won’t feel secure unless I get married.” She was heard saying. Firefighters and police had to bring her boyfriend to the scene along with an empty marriage certificate. The woman then asked the police to be witnesses for the makeshift wedding.

The officers then had to say “YES” to prevent a tragedy. She could have fallen to her death from a high rise apartment building. Those who do not commit suicide suffer from depression, some become demented, indeed, others are often confounded and are at a lost as to how to fall out of love! To some people, falling in love is much easier than falling out of love. These have been some of the problems associated with unfulfilled romantic relationships. To be sure, nowadays its often an uphill battle to maintain a true and loving relationship in such a hostile and ungodly environment as we find ourselves.

There are now a lot of (internet) chat rooms that have created a new generation of “e-lovers” The result has been that most lovers are no longer secure. Now ask yourself, are you one of those “e-lovers?” To be sure, some “e-lovers” end up being perfect life partners!

Raise The Bar Higher – Do Not Subscribe To The Falling Standards Of Love And Relationships

In this Age, young men often hanker after beautiful women – forgetting that beauty is only skin deep. Young women also hanker after wealth. The type of true love that is supposed to lead true lovers toward matrimony has fallen in standards. It has indeed reached its lowest level whereby a lover is only interested in hankering after materialism and carnal desires. In this Age, some fake lovers are now putting on a veneer of piety and respectability in order to hypnotize others in search of true love. Their masquerading as true lovers is soon exposed once they achieve their goals – leaving the other partner in limbo.

In his letter to an advice column, one American man wrote: “…I’m at the end of my tether and not sure what to do. Basically, my question is, what exactly is it that women in my generation are looking for? I’m a 23 year-old law student and political activist who also loves ballroom, dancing and classical music. Everyone tells me I’m a great listener, and I put other people first. After all this, not only have I had a date in years, but also women don’t even give me a look. When I asked my women friends, they tell me that any woman would be lucky to have me…but no one is interested. Any idea of what I may be missing to make my generation swoon?” He then signed off as – Lovesick Legal Eagle. The answers given to this “LLE” were even more interesting.

The answer to the young man – Mr. “LLE” was : ” Different women look for different things, my friend, among them kindness, humor, looks, money, smarts, status, cars, big sex drive, no sex drive, large family, no family, lovely friends, good taste, a yacht, ability to listen, the gift of gab, multiple degrees, ambition… I will spare you the laundry list. What women find appealing is determined by needs, neurosis and background….” It’s therefore safe to conclude that people now use logic – not their hearts in choosing a partner. Yet the divorce rate world-wide is on the rise. It means that if lovers become incapable of “spicing up” their love lives with glutathione, divorce then takes center stage. If, in the first place, your relationships was built on a sand dune of true love – then no amount of rain water can flow over it. It will soak any volume of water that comes its way! Now ask your self: Is your current relationship built upon a sand dune of true love?

Be Leery Of Possible Landmines On The Road Of Love

These days, its not only finances that discourage people from getting married or for some reasons – break up some marriages, but also the daunting logistics of life : The desire to have one’s own home, a stable job, a luxurious automobile, and (in some societies), the Darwinian educational system. These are some “landmines” that could threaten lovers down the road to matrimony. Yet still, there are those who said “yes” to sex too soon and “yes” to marriage too late!. Least did they realize that their partners wanted them only as “usable and expendable” commodities.

Nightmares and tears persist for some people who were unable to find true love. Their gullibility prevented them from being able to separate cheese and chalk; consequently, their regrets now hang heavily on their backs. Their present loveless lives; and indeed, their resolve to find true and enduring love – offers only fleeting consolations

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