Definition Of True Love Relationships

There are positive and negative forces in the universe; good and evil; the Angel and the devil; life and death; black and white; happiness and sorrow; organic and inorganic etc, . Likewise, there is bound to be true love and fake love in our relationships. Love is a word that obtained “knighthood” in the language of relationships – since the beginning of mankind. It expresses feelings of tenderness and affection and resides only in the heart.

True love makes the hearts tremble; it makes the tongue incapable of expressing the true nature of the feelings that are deep-rooted in the innermost recesses of the heart. True love makes the limbs speak either verbally or physically. God, the creator of the universe kept love in the hearts of living beings since He created them, in order that, it (love) helps them in facing the vicissitudes of life on earth, and also make them help one another in overcoming challenges.

What Is A True Love Relationship?

Let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves: What really is meant by true love? How can we identify true love in a given relationship? We may have to refer to one of the Holy Books revealed by God – the creator of mankind –  to His creatures to give us a clue of what it is. The Muslim Holy Book, The Qur’an says about true love:

“… They are your garments

And ye are their garments…” (Qur’an, 2:187).

This is an eloquent description of true love. For the fabric used in making these garments is love; the threads used in sewing them is love; finally, the embroidery on these garments is love. In a true love relationship, both partners are each other’s garment. They are for mutual support; mutual comfort; mutual protection – fitting into each other as a garment fits the body. Let’s bear in mind that the “garments” mentioned here are custom-made. They are made as the “buyers”, in this case the love partners specify.

To be sure, the “garments of love” are tantamount to designer clothes made by famous designers. They are usually expensive and fashionable. In a true love relationship, both partners are “designers”. You design your partner’s clothes and she designs yours. You would be too careful to design for your partners clothes that are close-fitting as to expose the shape of her body, or too baggy as to be very loose on her body.In a nutshell, you would not become a “garment” for someone you don’t love.

We know the Late Diana, The People’s Princess was such a true lover when she wrote: ” I never wanted a divorce and always dreamed of a happy marriage with loving support from Charles…a part of me will always love Charles.” This was at a time when she was going through a painful divorce with Charles, the Prince Of Wales. Charles, the heir to the British throne, married 20 year-old Lady Diana Spencer at a pomp-laden service in St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981. But the marriage foundered in part over Diana’s unhappiness with Charles continuing relationship with his companion – Camilla Parker Bowles.

Seeing Fake Love Through A Microscope

Love could be categorized into two basic degrees of intensity: True love, which is the most intense, and springs forth from the innermost core of the heart, and fake love, which is of a lower intensity. Fake love is ostentatious and does not have a place inside the heart. A person completely infatuated with someone else could still be considered to be a fake lover, because they have only been attracted to the opposite sex and it could be that the one being admired isn’t even aware of it. It could even happen that there be a mutual attraction.

This mutual attraction could even cause in them a slight and burning sensation and a desire to get together. But it soon ends after either of them leaves the scene. For love to be said to be a true one, it must be felt in the hearts of both parties. True love is all-inclusive and pervasive than mere infatuation or fake love. If you truly love someone, you love everything about them. Do not say : ” I admire him or her”, because your admiration for someone could be dependent upon a particular characteristic or trait in the one being admired.

For instance, one could say: “I admire him for his eloquence; I admire her for her round face or big eyes.” Your admiration for this person could make tears drop down freely from your cheeks and make the rest of your day dreamy and relaxed; yet still, you will not be said to have fallen headlong in love. No matter the intensity of your admiration, it does not reach the degree of true love. Therefore, there exists a great difference between someone who is (temporarily) filled with intense love for you and the one who truly loves you.

True love is more commendable. Because infatuation and for that matter, admiration, could both be pretentious, and even lead to flippancy. As for true love, it does not disappear from the heart of the lover, but stays there and increases in intensity even if the union between the two has ended.


True love leads to a long and enduring sexual relationship. Fake love leads to, say, a one night stand – after which both partners disappear. There are millions of men and women today who only have sex partners and not love partners. How do we describe a man who would say to a woman : ” I love you”‘ would be ready to “shack up” with her, but would not contemplate marriage – even if she remains the only woman on earth? The same could be said of a woman too.

To be sure, the meaning of ” I love you”, has turned into “I need you” In other words, “I love you” has acquired the ostensible meaning of ” I need you to satisfy my sexual cravings”. To a certain extent, the media has seriously ruptured the meaning of love. Instead of calling two people living together – and having sex – as sex partners, the media depict them as lovers!

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