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Sometime ago, a certain Chinese woman threatened to commit suicide on two occasions to get her boyfriend marry her. ” I won’t feel secure unless I get married.” She was heard saying. Firefighters and police officers had to bring her boyfriend to the scene – along with an empty marriage certificate. The woman then asked the officers to be witnesses for the makeshift wedding. The officers had to say yes – to prevent a tragedy. Some women who do not commit suicide sometimes do suffer from depression, some become demented, Indeed, others become confounded and are at a loss as to how to fall out of love.

To some people, falling in love is much easier than falling out of love. These have been some problems associated with unfulfilled romantic relationships. This has often been the case because of the loss of trust between lovers. Needless to say, nowadays, it has become an uphill battle to maintain a true and loving relationship in such a hostile and ungodly environment as we find ourselves. There are a lot of (internet) chat rooms that have created a new generation of “e-lovers”. This has created undesirable concomitants of lovers no longer feeling being secure.

See If They Are Genuine – Rather Than Creating An Illusion

Although, this writer is keenly aware that different women look for different things in a relationship. For instance, some of these could be kindness, humor, looks, money, smarts, status, big sex drive, no sex drive, large family, no family, lovely friends, good taste, a yacht, ability to listen, the gift of gab, multiple degrees, ambition… I will spare you the laundry list. And, also, its often said that what women find appealing is determined by needs, neurosis and background. But how genuine are all these needs? Does it mean that all women now use logic in choosing a partner and not their hearts?

in all cases, try to see if your partner is genuine. Make sure they are not pretending to be what they are not. They should just be themselves. Yes, they may be unable to afford precious gifts but they can obviously afford precious moments. Genuineness is more important than creating an illusion. If they really want to make you feel special, they should just be genuine. If they can’t afford to buy you an expensive diamond ring, they don’t have to sell their kidneys in order to do so. You only have to make sure they can afford precious moments with you.

You do not need a perfect man – do you? You only need a guy who can accept you the way you are and make you feel wanted and special.

How would you know if you are being wanted and being treated special?

  • Do they respect your feelings, your emotions and your family?
  • Do they make you happy, meet you with a big smile that makes you feel confident?
  • Do they listen to you if you start telling them about something that is bothering you?
  • Do they sometimes send you gifts that are unique?
  • Are they willing to give you surprises – taking you on long rides, shopping without prior information?
  • Are they just only interested in ” sliding between the sheets” with you without proposing marriage?
  • Are they generous with giving you compliment for your accomplishments, your style, your beauty or anything about you?

Do Also Make Sure To Understand The Guy

What do you need to know about him?

A lot of things will get the attention of men. Some of them could be – the love of sex, eating, sports, fast cars, new gadgets, watching night baseball, movies, and, understandably, they also like to look at images of beautiful women with nice curves and enticing smiles – whose faces are round and soft – rather than triangular and hardened like granite. For better or worse, all these things will get men’s attention. As true as it sounds, they would also be willing to trade any of those at any moment for a woman who stands, sits, or lies close to them, turns her face toward them and says, “I love you so much. Honey!”

So, if you really do well to let your partner know that you love him, why keep it to yourself – always expecting him to say that to you first? Say it loud : “I love you so much” to your man and see if he isn’t kinder, sweeter and gentler to you the next morning and to everyone else he meets for the rest of the entire day. Do also note the following:

  • Smell good for him.
  • If you are already married to him, redecorate the bedroom and invite him to share a bubble bath.
  • Tell him he’s your best friend, a good lover, handsome and dance with him in the kitchen – even without music!
  • Kiss his neck, bite his earlobe, sneak a kiss and straighten his necktie. Jump in the shower with him.
  • Hold hands and take a walk around the block with him.
  • Do reciprocate all that I recommended above about he making you feel being wanted and being special. Men also want women to make them feel special, wanted, confident and above all have a feeling of security.
  • If he watches porn all the time and fantasizing about sex and if you are his wife give him sexual pleasure he will be happy.
  • If he is jobless, somehow arrange a job for him he will be happy and thankful at the same time.


The guiding principle in all romantic relationship should be true love. The hydra-headed problem is always how to winnow cheese from chalk. It is not this writer’s intention to criticize any relationship – whether real or imagined. But to make a trenchant observation of the sorry state of romantic relationships in this increasingly materialistic world. To be sure, true love and fake love are always going to outplay each other in any given romantic relationship. Regrettably, we all are sometimes held hostage to the true meaning of love. In this regard, we tend to question love throughout life!

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