Free Short Romantic Love Stories – In An African Setting

She was born and bred a Christian 55 years ago. Her name was Sandra.  She was of a mixed heritage. Her maternal ancestors were European. Her  father was African. She later converted to Islam and was named Layla 27. During her time in high school, she fell in and out of love several times in a year.

Sandra didn’t ever hang out with one man for more than six months. She says she was the most beautiful girl in her school and that she had a knack in engaging in hanky-panky relationships and never slept with any man unless she was convinced the man really loved her. She’d date a man for a month or two and then dump him. This was particularly the case if a man insisted during the early period of their relationship on slipping between the sheets with her.

Sandra’s First Encounter With A Married Man

Sandra’s first encounter with a married man was that with her high school principal called Abudu. Although he was married, Abudu was amorous of every pretty woman he meets. She was 17 and he was 45 with a face like granite, but had smiles that were captivating. He had five grown-up  children and knew how to behave in any company and in any situation. On the other hand, she was young, unmarried and naïve. He looked older than his age and was handsome.

It was Abudu’s wont to give lengthy speeches that were often larded with obscure quotations. Sandra considered him to be a messianic leader who showed his students the way to a better life. She would go to Abudu to seek advice on every thing, even including how to deal with guys who often harassed her because she wouldn’t go out on a date with them. Little did she realize she was being dragged into a spider’s web. He then took advantage of this young attractive and naïve girl.

He vowed to make Sandra fall in love with him, and she did. Abudu was a womanizer, and he applied his skill to the minutiae of his craft. It all started when Sandra had difficulty in adjusting to the new milieu at boarding school. And. although Abudu was the school principal, he also taught French—a subject Sandra hated most. And, although French was a required subject, Sandra failed in every French exam. Abudu made matters worse by making sure that she wouldn’t pass any of her French exams.

Being the only French teacher in the school he called the shots. Grandpa got worried about Sandra’s poor records in French and hired a private tutor. It didn’t work. Despite Grandpa’s efforts to help her get a passing grade in her French exams, she kept slipping on the banana peels of Abudu who frustrated all her efforts. Sometimes, all went well during the written examination until the oral part—which was always Sandra’s nemesis. She considered Abudu as a messianic figure and did never suspect that he was the real cause of her problems.

She Was Down With A Headache After A Volley Ball Competition

It was one hot afternoon during the dry season when Sandra came down with a severe headache after taking part in a volley ball competition, and that presented Abudu with a golden opportunity to make Sandra to get Sandra to sit in his car for the first time. His previous efforts to get her take a ride in his car had all been fruitless. This time, he offered to take her to the hospital in his rickety 45 year-old sedan.


At first, Sandra insisted on being accompanied by her best friend—Angelina. Abudu resisted. Assuring her that all will be well. It was during the weekend, and Sandra knew Abudu’s wife had gone to visit her parents in the village with her children.

“Sandra, I know you feel uncomfortable being alone with me in the car without your most trusted friend, Angelina.” Abudu appeases Sandra.

“Yes. I do.” Sandra affirms.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go back and fetch her after I drop you off at the hospital.” Abudu reassures Sandra

“But why didn’t you allow her to go with us in the first place?” Sandra retorts bitterly.

“I was afraid.” Abudu answers.

“Afraid of what?” Sandra sks.

“Afraid that she’ll find out why…why you’ve failed in every French oral examination.” Abudu explains.

“What has my French orals got to do with she accompanying me?”

“Now listen carefully. Ever since I…” Abudu tries explaining matters to Sandra.

“Ever since you what?” Sandra asks.

“Please, I’m really sick, and you’ve offered to take me to the hospital, and I do appreciate that. Please don’t indulge in histrionics for the moment. Leave that for another day.” Sandra tries to stop Abudu.

“Okay. I just wanted you know how much I love you.” Abudu is now being honest.

“Would you stop the car and let me get out?” Sandra is infuriated.

“No. You are sick. And I can’t leave you by the roadside under this hot sun.” Abudu tries his luck.

He Defies Orders To Stop. Then Gets A Flat Tyre

The weather was fine, and the traffic was light. Abudu was doing ninety on a wide straight road with a speed limit of 65km/h. He was spotted by an off-duty traffic police officer who gave him a good chase. Abudu had defied orders by the officer to pull up. He therefore had to call for a back up. But long before they arrived, he had a flat tire. The officer arrives. He’s in his early thirties. He’s a tall, lanky and good-looking man.

Abudu is looking nervous. Not because he’s afraid of being charged with disregarding the speed limit and also flouting orders to pull up. He’s nervous for a different reason – losing Sandra to this young man. He knows after all that, as far as breaking the law is concerned, the payment of a sum of money (bribe), linked to the gravity of the offense, will enable him get away with it. He’s done it on several occasions, and is determined to do it again this time.

“Do you realize how dangerous it is to over speed?”

“Many innocent people get killed on our roads due to what some drivers always consider to be “circumstances” that force them to…”

Abudu interrrupts:

“Officer, you can see that the girl inside the car is moaning, as pain wracks her body. I was only trying to help by… ”

The police officer also interrupts:

“By your over speeding? But you could equally have killed her by driving recklessly!”

“Ok Officer I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

The Back Up Arrives. Abudu Tries To Bribe The Officers

The back up arrives. Abudu calls one of them aside. In a geographic area where bribes and pay-offs are an accepted way to get things done, he tries to bribe him. This was an exceptionally bad day for him. These were not venal police officers. He therefore refuses to accept any bribe. One of them issues a ticket to him for over speeding and reckless driving. Sandra is standing outside the car. The off-duty police officer sees how she is toiling to ease the pain wracking her. He tries to offer Sandra a ride to the hospital. Abudu becomes fidgety. Sensing that he might not after all get to the hospital in his own car, he says:

“Officer, don’t worry, I‘ll quickly fix my car and drive her to the hospital. Abudu appeals.

“How would you do that in even two hours time? Look the girl is in real pain!” The officer cries out.

“If I’m not able to fix it soon, I’ll take a taxi.” Abudu reaasures the officer.

“Stop dreaming about taking a taxi when I’m willing to drop her at the hospital at no cost!” The officer cries out again.

“But Officer, she wouldn’t feel comfortable with you behind the wheels. You’re a stranger!” Abudu tries to convince the officer to abandon his plans.

“Why are you so heartless? Its going to take you the whole afternoon to fix this car or even get a taxi, I’ll not allow you to cause the death of this young innocent girl. I’m sending her to the hospital right away!” The officer makes a final decision.

“Officer, may I accompany you to the hospital?” Abudu makes a final appeal in a guttural voice.

“No, you’d better stay behind and take care of your car.”

Sandra In Agony While Abudu And Police Officer Decide Her Fate

Abudu was adamant. He would not let the police officer take Sandra to the hospital all by himself. He had become so infatuated with Sandra that he always drooled and gurgled whenever he was close to her. While the two men quarreled over who would take Sandra to the hospital, time went by slowly. Terseness is not one of Abudu’s virtues. He would talk until the crack of dawn if someone didn’t stop him. Twenty-five minutes has passed. The officer ignores him. He’s helping Sandra into his car. Abudu’s knees are seen knocking as he looks on apprehensively.

The officer refuses to let Abudu join them in his car, asking him to rather tend to his car and go pay his traffic violation as soon as possible. Before they speed off to the hospital, Sandra asks Abudu:

“What’s so special about you insisting on sending me to the hospital?”

“It’s because I’m responsible for your safety. I’m your high school principal.”

“My safety for God’s sake. You were over speeding until you had a flat tire. You would have equally caused my death.” Sandra gives Abudu a rap on the knuckles.

Moving toward Sandra who was seated at the back of the car, Abudu says:

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

The officer speeds away with Sandra at the back seat.

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