What Is The Power Of Love – The Islamic Interpretation

If we say that once nicotine has you in its power, its very difficult to stop smoking

or if we describe a certain woman as having the power to charm any man she encounters, then we could conveniently define power as the ability to control people or events. What then, is the power of love, if it has it at all? The power of love is its ability to influence people to do what they would otherwise not do – whether – consciously or unconsciously. But in accordance with Islamic belief love does not occur in a vacuum. Muslims believe that God (Allah), is the source of every love.

The God Of Islam Is Neither Remote Nor Abstract

He is the real Lord of the universe, whose love swells the hearts and intoxicates the souls. He exists necessarily by Himself, encompassing all the excellent Divine Attributes of perfection. God is One and Unique. He has no partner, no equal. He does not beget, nor was He begotten. He does not inhere in anything, and nothing inheres in Him. He is the sole Creator and Sustainer of all that exists. He is the One God, besides whom there is no any other god. And there is none worthy of worship save Him. He has no wife, no son, and no father.

He has no form and no material substance. He does not sleep nor does he take rest. He is the First with no beginning, and the Last with no end. He is the All-knowing who knows all that passes through the hearts of all romantic lovers. He is the Omnipotent who has the free will that is not restrained by any power. When He desires a thing to be, He says, “Be” and it is. He is also the Beneficent, the Kind, and the Merciful. His love for Mankind is seventy times greater than that of a mother for her child.

Those who seek Him do not have to depend on the vicarious conviction of a priest, or the arguments of the books, to assure them that He exists. They can feel His existence in themselves, as well as in both animate and inanimate objects around them. And this is not the prerogative of the “spiritualists”. Any layman who follows His guidance and seeks His presence will find Him close to himself. It is for this reason that, people of all sorts – intellectuals, scientists, priests as wells as people from all walks of life enter into the fold of Islam every day. In Islam, lovers find a God who responds to their call.


God Is The Source And Power Behind Every Romantic Love


This writer believes, and everyone else does, that everyone, no matter their circumstances in life, has the natural right to enjoy the world’s beauty and joie de vivre. As we all know, joie de vivre is a feeling of great happiness and enjoyment of life. In the Muslim Holy Book, God reminds us of this joie de vivre when He declares:

“And among His signs is this,

That He has created for you

Mates from among yourselves,

That ye may dwell in tranquility

With them, and He has put love

And mercy between your (hearts)

Verily in that are signs for those

Who reflect.” (Qur’an, 30:21).

This Qur’anic verse refers to the wonderful mystery of sex. Children arise out of love making. And its always the female that brings forth the offspring – both female and male. And the father is as necessary as the mother in bringing up daughters. Unregenerate man is quick-tempered in the male sex, but rest and tranquility are found in the normal relations of both sexes living together.

A man’s gallantry to the opposite sex is natural and God-given. The friendship of two men (or two women) between each other is quite different in quality and temper from the feeling which unspoiled nature expects as between a man and a woman! Indeed, there is a special kind of love and tenderness between a man and a woman as sanctioned by God. Therefore, God (Allah), is the source of every love and He alone powers every love. And, as the woman is considered the weaker sex, that tenderness may, from a certain perspective, be likened to mercy – that protecting kindness that the strong should give to the weak

The husband is expected to cater to the sexual needs of his wife and vice-versa. Catering for each other’s sexual needs should be powered by love! You suck each other dry – because the love that exists between you is fully charged and goes on a ‘psychotic rampage’ !

An elephant goes on a psychotic rampage

Islam dictates that the power of love between couples should make them grow together – not grow apart. A woman with a hyperactive libido should always be able to find solace in a loving and caring husband who is always as approachable as a warm park bench.

A warm and approachable park bench in Spring

The Power Of Love Not To Be Misused

To be sure, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and others like them may have been oppressed pawns, who had no choice but to use their feminine wiles to negotiate their ways in this corrupt patriarchal world. When two people fall in love they tend to have responsibilities toward each other. In this patriarchal world of ours, the burden of proof rests on the man to show real concern to his partner and accord her the necessary companionship that is always possible by the skillful use of the power of love.

God declares in the Holy Qur’an:

” … And live with them on a footing

Of kindness and equity…” (Qur’an, 4:19).

This was addressed to men – not women. Living with your partners on a footing of kindness and equity as dictated by the power of love – results in the strengthening of the bond between lovers. Regardless of the material comfort a man offers his partner, if he is abusive, treating his partner always with scorn, that sort of tranquility and peaceful co-existence supposed to exist between them will be lost.


The human heart does not become devoid of the yearning for love, nor does it become devoid of an atom of sympathy, empathy and mercy – that are all being sustained by the power of love. However, its the employment of these yearnings that matters. Just like any other kind of power, the power of love could be directed toward corrupting relationships or reforming them.

Its therefore noteworthy for lovers with Faith to understand that, the source of their love is God. Therefore, it should be built on honesty and purity, and their love for their offspring should also be built on tenderness and compassion. If you love God, you will be honest and sincere in your love for each other. Because God, being the true source of every love – commands sincerity, compassion and mercy between lovers.


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